Need help buying a CPS3 board

Hello everyone!

A friend of mine is living in Japan and he offered to buy a board for me and the bros in Brazil
Do you guys know where I can buy one? Playing 3rdStrike on the arcade is too good of an opportunity to pass on

I tried this store -> but they currently do not have the game
Thanks in advance, much love!

bonus, an ibuki sketch i made earlier today:

The best address would probably be because that’s the arcade board community and they have sepcific subforums for selling and buying.

Thanks for the reply, but I currently can’t post on that forum because they have a specific ruling that you need to donate (with paypal) or get recommended by another user before anything. Do you have an account there? I don’t have an international credit card, so I can’t use paypal, therefore I’m stuck ):
Besides, i was looking more for a japanese store recommendation than an user trading outlet forum

have you seen this thread yet?

Sure did, I love isotopez’s work on that pdf, but I still need the hardware first to pull it off

Just have your friend ask the Mak Japan staff where to buy. I’m sure they can tell him where to go if you have the money in hand.

Doubt I can help you find a CPS3 Board but I did want to commend you on your art.

That thing is a work of art. I feel like it just made me feel a billion times better about myself just by looking at it. You a fan of Ashley Woods work at all?

Wow, thanks a lot for the compliment!!
And yeah, i’m a huge fan! I try to practice really hard so one day I can be as sick as him

A quick search on yahoo auctions japan and I found this:
I would keep an eye out for a 2nd Impact board though. Not only can you remove the battery, but it usually goes cheaper.
You’ll probably need to buy a 128MB simm with it in order to run 3rd Strike.

I got lucky and found one with all the simms necessary for 3rd Strike for about $100(before shipping).

Also, check here:
Some of the links there are for arcade shops in Japan.

Very nice!! Thanks mate!!!

A few weeks ago, I visited the arcade I went to when I was in middle school. A few years ago, they had a 3S cabinet but recently they got rid of it. I’m going to guess that the 3S cartridge died. Does that mean I can buy the board from the guy (If he still has it) and plug in the modded 2nd Impact cart? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Didn’t mean to hijack the thread in anyway, sorry

Summoning @isotopez

As long as you have the board, cd drive, and the right simms, you can use a modded 2nd impact cart. If it was a no cd version of 3rd strike, it will still work with the modded 2nd impact cart, but you’ll need a cd drive every time you boot the game.

If you can get that 3s kit and the cart is dead, you can send it to Mitsurugi-w here, and he’ll send you a battery-free cart with Darksoft’s superbios on it. He’s one of the guys that helped Darksoft out with making cps3 games battery free.

Thanks a lot. I might shoot him an e-mail soon about that board. I need to look up prices before I pitch an offer