Need help building website

Howdy all! Well, I am planning on helping my brother build a website for some anime thing he wants to do. I have some knowledge but I obviously don’t know it all.

Anyway, he wants it to have a similar format to FightersGeneration:

He really wants a scrollbar on the left side where users can navigate the site.

So, how could I create something like that? What programs could I use, maybe a quick guide on how to do it, etc…

I already contacted the owner of FightersGeneration, but he said he wouldn’t disclose any info. So I am now looking to the friendly people at SRK. :bgrin:

You would want to use a frame/iframe.
Despite that he wouldn’t “disclose” how his site is made (lol), you should be able to access the source from your browser somehow. From there it would be easy enough to see what he has done, play around with it yourself and find something you like.

As far as programs to use go, Notepad if you just want to edit code, but something like Frontpage or Arachnophillia(not so cool now that its java based) should do you good, I’m sure there is a lot of freeware stuff.

Pay me my regular fees and I’ll make the site as professional as you could ever hope for.

Fate - Sorry for the late reply but I finally got my website creation program in the mail. And yup, frames was exactly what I had to do. Thanks a lot for the advice!

Sazae - I really want to learn how to do all of this on my own, especially since I have my own website. I would rather not have to go through somebody else just to edit small things. Anyway, I see you are looking for customers so I would like to possibly help you out with that. On my forums I have a section for advertising anything. Feel free to advertise your website building services. My guess is that you won’t get any takers right off the bat, but over time you just might. If you are interested, here is the forum category for it:

If you really want to learn the HTML and CSS stuff then I highly reccommend this book:

In my senior year of HS I used it and within 2 weeks I understood almost everything the book was talking about and learned how to actually make a site. The only program I used for it was Notepad because it teaches you how to code from the ground up. The book is seriously good. And one of the main reasons why I love it is because it has reference areas where it has just loads of codes to look up and use, including pictures of what the codes do!

I’m currently working on a website based on one of my favorite site layouts. All I did was left-click, select “view source”, copy/paste into FrontPage and tweak it to my taste. Some understanding of html will also help you breeze through.

<frameset cols=“169,*”>
<frame name=“contents” target=“main” src=“frames.htm” scrolling=“auto”>
<frame name=“main” src=“news.html” target="_self" scrolling=“auto”>

<p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn’t support them.</p>



Idk if thats right, i just ripped it from the page source, but Frames are really easy to do, just google html basics and frames

What’s a decent webpage editor to get if I want to make a website like this:


I taught myself everything I know, and I used to learn. Their primers and tutorials are superb and they have a method of teaching that is easy to understand and fun. All of their lessons are completely free and they have superb message boards if you need help.