Need help beating Ammy

My friend is running Ammy on point now and lighting me up.

I main Strider/C.Viper and put nemmy in the middle of the earlier 2 switching them from point/anchor.

Her normals beat out so many things that Strider does. (some of the few normals in the game that give Strider problems) Her overhead rapes Strider and Viper.

She doesn’t have a lot of good triangle jump defense so I open her up a lot with C.Viper.

But any tips in general would help—the best being from actual Ammy players who can tell me what beats them.

I actually think she has pretty decent defense against most trijump characters with the paper. But viper is another story because she has a lot of ways to blow it up(Seismo, ex thunder knuckle, super).

Is this March 2011 or November 2011? I thought people stopped complaining about her a while ago. o_O

Anyway, Viper does fine against her. Seismo keeps her honest and EX Thunder Knuckle punishes very well. It also depends on your opponent’s defense as well. Find ways to ship pressure back to him. Strider’s pretty good at it with his projectiles and teleports.

Also, Ammy has very good tri-jump defense. She has some of the best defense in the game. It’s just that your opponent isn’t using any of it. Considering how I feel about what happened to her, I guess I should be happy that she still causes trouble?