Need Help and Tips for modding Fight Stick

Hey I’m a New at this and I want to Learn how to duel. What I want to know is what are some stuff that I need to duel mod a madcatz se and te stick for ps3 . Which is the best mod that is reliable ? Also can I use the same method that use you to mod the madcatz fight sticks for other fight stick?

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I’ve always messed around fight stick but I’ve never gotten this in depth with it . So I want to learn how to do more then just swap parts .

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I dunno, I think this is the one sub forum that ISN’T about dueling…
In order to learn how to dual mod a stick, I would suggest checking one of the many wonderful resources in the Info sticky.

You need to look for a product called “Stickied Threads”. They can be found in Tech Talk!

DUEL MODZ! Gummowed Vs. DaRabidDuckie! Go

okay Thanks everyone . I’ve always wanted learn more about this but never had the chance too