Need Guile advice

Hello, I have a few questions about Guile

I have a pretty intermediate guile, I don’t have a lot of tech skill but I’m good at timing and camping.

Anyway two of my main problems are camping with Guile vs some characters, and a random situation my brother’s Ryu puts me in.

First off, I can’t seem to outcamp Ryu’s and Sagats. I have been able to practice camping and know the in’s and out’s of charge characters particularly Guile

I know the whole concept, shoot your boom, and as soon as you click Forward + punch immediately bring your joystick back to charge even before Guile throws his boom out.

For some reason, with this already done I feel like I don’t get them out fast enough to compete with Ryu and Sagat’s camp, but I notice most Guile players can.

I guess I’m asking what I am missing out on.

Also, the Ryu does something strange I don’t know how to deal with… when he knocks me down (and I understand one way to avoid this is “don’t get knocked down” but we all can’t be that good… :stuck_out_tongue: )

well im on the floor, and he literally walks up to me and does two things, he’ll either walk up to me and grab as I get up, or walk up to me and EX Shoryuken.

He likes to play risky but I don’t see how this is anything but a complete 50/50 scenario… or worse. If I get up and do grab, his EX shoryuken will rape me, if I block, he can grab me. So if he grabs me I can tech the grab or try to EX flash kick it (sometimes I feel like I still get grabbed, maybe I can’t do that?) or I can try to tech it. If he Shoryukens I have block, because time and time again I have watched it beat my EX flash kick.

Ocassionally but not as often he’ll do his overhead punch with Ryu if he thinks I’ll just block or he’ll just walk up to me then block (right out of grab range) if he thinks I’ll flash kick, adding to the head ache lol. But more likely than not I expect a grab or an EX shoryuken. Also he mostly does this when he’s at a good lead anyway.

Secondly, I used to have trouble with Ryu’s air approach, it seemed to extend so far and my anti-air’s would not work. I have been getting better at timing and have noticed Crouching fierce punch will normally beat it or at least trade with more damage.

However, I have been also EX flashkicking at the right spacing. One question, when he approaches sometimes I try to beat it with Flashkick if I have no EX bar, but a lot of times I’ll get a trade even though I wait until the last second because thats what has the priority in the flash kick.

When I was new I used to release flash kick as soon as I saw the jump but I started noticing several problems including getting hit in the middle portion of the flash kick where the hitbox is weak I suppose and not getting any damage, or hitting at the very top of the flash kick where it barely does any damage.

Basically, my question in that part is How do I effectively use flash kick as an anti-air or should I reserve it only for EX?

Thank you :slight_smile:

oh and, of course, always put on Shades if you get a stun. :slight_smile:

Well I’m not the most educated Guile player, but the best non-ex anti-air flashkick is the light version, if you use the other they will trade more often. If you trade i believe you can follow up with sonic hurricane.
and about that first part, ehhh. Crouch teck late…maybe backdash???(im not sure if the ex shoryuken will catch your backdash.)
American combo -> follow up with the shades, aswell.

American combo only works on Dhalsim, har har.

Anyways, first off, I linketh:

Matchup thread has tons of good vs. ryu strategies. Otherwise, ya, lk flashkick is the AA flashkick. Use it as late as humanly possible.

As for the plain throw or EX SRK mixup, it doesn’t sound like you bro is super advanced, so I doubt he’s timing his SRK late. So a late crouch tech is the answer. Essentially, instead of pressing throw as soon as you stand up, you must wait a split second before tapping This will beat both options. Any other option, U1 included will get beat by an EX shoryu. Backdash will escape the throw and overhead, but the EX shoryu will still tag it.

You can learn the timing for late crouch tech by recording ryu knocking you down with a sweep, then walking forward and throwing you on your wakeup. Find out how late you can press and still get your throw to tech. If you switch it up and have the dummy SRK you, you will probably find yourself blocking it just fine, while still pressing your down-back throw tech.

Another great timing to learn is how to late throw tech after you get hit by Ken’s tatsu. Good skill to learn all in all is teching as late as possible vs. all the cast. Hope that helps.

Oh, and as for the fireball war, you don’t have to win it. If you neutral jump or focus every other fireball, then that’s ok too. Don’t get discouraged. You will never go fireball for fireball against ryu or sagat. The real trick to “winning” the fireball war in this case is to not get discouraged by them, score an EX boom when you can, and don’t jump into their SRK’s. After that, you have “won” the fireball war.

Hmmm, well that’s good to know.-____- (I spent like a whole ten minutes trying it on ryu in practice mode.)

The problem about the fireball war is I notice many Guile’s actually keep up with Ryu’s camp, but if I have to constantly jump and what not, wouldn’t I fall behind and be the one forced to approach?

Also, basically the idea of the late crouch tech is that if he grabs, I tech, if he Shoryukens, I block???

You’re missing what is the meaning of a FB war. It’s not how many times you throw out projectiles, but rather based on who takes more dmg and builds more meter throughout the FB war.

In Super, even though Guile has to jump a lot of Sagat’s projectiles, Guile still builds meter faster than Sagat if Guile can shoot SBs decently. Speed of EX booms and SB’s recovery nets you a clear dmg advantage over any other characters’ FB.

Guile’s SB builds more meter than shoto’s FB except for AE.

And frustration points are a factor in a fireball war. It really angers a LOT of people (me included) if they throw a bad EX fireball, where your projectile absorbs the first hit, and the second gets FA absorbed or neutral jumped. It’s like… I just spent 15 seconds building that one meter… an I didn’t even get chip damage?!?! Jumps into a backbreaker

Hope this isnt too noob of a question, but man I hate crossups when I use guile… what is the best crossup defense or counter with guile(mostly on wakeup), other than just blocking them and then getting caught up in block strings etc…?

There’s really not much of a choice but blocking the crossup then backdashing away or using focus to absorb the crossup attack and then dash forward is not a bad way to escape or at least make the situation less predictable for your opponent.

Winning the fireball war doesn’t have to mean match every hado/tiger with a boom. Chances are you’ll hit a point where you can’t do that anymore this is where you neutral jump or focus the fireball and dash away with some ultra meter. Don’t play to out plasma chuck your brother, play to frustrate him into stopping.

As for the wake up situation it’s not a 50/50. Late crouch tech will beat both the throw and the dp. Try to break his throw so late that if he uppercuts you’ll block it.