Need good starter pair

TTT2WUE is my first home console fighter I’ve own. Now I’ve been following fighting game channels such as Maximilion Dood and learning the meat of fighters like cancelling and frames (though I still have trouble noticing frames on 3D characters). So I was wondering what are two good characters to start out with? Especially with a roster THIS big!

Dragunov, Paul, Laws, King, Alisa, Lars, Bob and Ganryu, Jacks, Asuka are all really easy to pick up. ill leave some links here to help you get started. <----this series of videos is realllllllyy good
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Thanks for your input. Hope this helps cuz I’ve been sucking both online and off. Things are getting a little boring cuz I feel like I’m not making much progress but this could turn things around.

I use Kazuya and Jinpachi as my main team…I think using Mishima characters covers alot of ground…plus wavedashing is good for any characters movement…