Need community help

As the post is titled, im looking for help from a community of players on xbox live. I have a problem with practing vs good players on a constant basis. For example I had, and probably still have a problem with Dictator, so i constantly practiced vs a good Dictator friend of mine the problem with that is i played with him so much that i lost to a great chun player, and i never had trouble with her before. I know it could have been his skill level but I also feel i need to practice vs alot of players and their characters on a constant basis. So in closing i am looking for a group of players on xbox live who want to learn and gain greater skill together with their respective charaters. Anyone interested or anyone that already has a group started please contact me on xbox live or here and lets get this group together. Thank you!
We play a little SF4
All these guys play is SF4
SF4 out the ass.

Stop playing online. =)

^ This. CTF will level you up quick, or make your face turn red as you get straight wonked on. Playing in person is the only way to go.

Shit dude, yeah. China Town Fair is fuckin legendary. As a jealous Canadian I would say you ought to go!!!

yea i have to make time to go out there. its not easy for me with work and things like that. thanks for the feed back tho

There are a lot of people that would kill to play at, and play the people that you could play daily. You should take advantage of it.

Go to one of the sessions or CF if you really want to get better. I feel a lot of people don’t because they have to much pride to lose. There is no shame in losing as long as you are learning something. Everyone has to start somewhere.

You can also join the IRC training team. not just for Ryus and not just for people with a specific console, we also have a room for Tekken. That is if you (or anyone else) is interested in online play, you don’t even need to post in that thread!

Dude you’re from Brooklyn and you cant make it to CF? They’re open until like 2:30-3am on Fridays lol. Nah man I understand work and other obligations, but you really need to STOP playing online if you want to break the skill ceiling you’re probably reaching.There are a few good Dictators that go to CF. Andre, Bisonopolis, Chino, a few others as well.

yea i finally went to cf, did well but was not much comp that day but auto-demon. ill be going as much as i can form now on, it was good to get that old school feel back of an arcade room. It smelled like sweat, funk, and shattered dream. lol

There are a lot of tournaments too man. Check the Tournaments & Events section.

There is no shortage of competition in NYC in a number of games.

I have the same problem as Dark knight… i live in long island NY, I LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHO PLAYS STREET FIGHTER IN THE TOWN I LIVE IN. except for 2 ppl. i cant really get around much since i got laid off and i have no means of traspo except public…im getting sick of playing online coz its all full of bullshit…i regret ever getting on the call of duty series… coz now my friendslist on xbl is full of cod players… ive been trying to revamp my FL with street fighter players so i can learn and have casuals…but then again no1 seems to respond. i got 1 person… but he’s on the other side of the planet and we barely catch each other online…ill be honest, im a what you call an “oh-niner”. i had previous street fighter experience, but only casuals…i played sf2st,3rd strike, marvel and cvs2. even played some GG and some BB…but SF4 really got my attention and i decided to play it even more competitively…
i know im just babbling and ranting but im serious about this shit…(and this is including getting a new job lol)
i really wanna get better and meet players coz online is full of crap.

so if any1 is interested please send me a msg on xbl: Mr anj3L
it would be nice if you’re from the island or around NY.

Seeing how you guys are so lazy I’ll give you a hand.

This is a link to the Tournaments & Events section on the forum here . There are tournaments in Long Island quite frequently. Off the top of my head i believe they are in Smithtown somewhere.

Also you should check the three (count em’, three) links i posted above. And once again…