Need cammy and hugo tips

I’m having trouble with real good Cammy and Hugo players and am looking for some tips. The issues I’m having are:
Having trouble finding the right range to hang out in- too close and she seems to out poke me or get a throw. Too far and she’ll cannon drill me if I throw anything high or try moving forward. I can’t reliably punish the blocked drills from this distance as the usually don’t hit deep enough. I can punish a deep drill nice with xx lk tatsu dp. I also can’t find a good punish for blocked cannon spike, she lands to far away. What is the best distance to fight her at?

Good Hugo’s are really killing me. I can destroy newbie players but the good ones get me every time. I almost never jump cause I’ll get ripped out of the sky and anything other then xx fb gets me grabbed. Far st.HK and sweep work alright but if you’re a little to close you get grabbed. Against poor players I literally roundhouse and sweep them to death, rarely getting hit. I can’t figure out how to do enough damage to finish him off.

Usually you have time to walk in and cl.HP tatsu if you block a spike, train that more. You can far HP tatsu also since Ultra buff. Option B is far HK tatsu …

Blocked drill you have to punish with more than a, any 4fr move should be the same cl.HP, cl.MK, crMP. And why not a 3fr one ? cl.MP xx tatsu etc.
Deep ones can eat cl.HP max damage combo. Others can eat double to tatsu …
Well spaced ones, you can try DP if you think that’s not safe, at least you can buffer and reversal it easy.

For the footsy range issues, I think you push the wrong buttons if the opponent catch you whiffing stuff with drills. Your fault. You gotta train to focus dash in her far HK and use poke at a range more than sweep/far HK. You also have a fireball to use here too. Mixing all that should give you answers to some of her zoning. And then play the player.

For Hugo I can’t tell. Or maybe start playing Hugo a bit to see what’s going on from the inside.

Found something with Hugo that might help:
He has the two running moves- monster lariat where he runs and punches and the meat squasher(I think that’s the name)- he runs and grabs you. The ex version is what I see most as it absorbs multiple hits. The punch can be punished pretty nice on block but blocking and hoping he’s not doing the grab isn’t a good idea but there is a way to know in advance which version he’s using. If he’s doing the punch he grunts before he runs, the grab version is silent.

I played a Hugo today.
I read another post about staying grounded. So I did that most of the match. Mixed fireballs with, and then very occasional risky jump in or cross up once he was conditioned not to expect it.
He had a mic and gave up halfway through the first round. He was like “fine, just do it, finish me”. Which honestly was quite awkward. He said “I’ll play next round”. Which he did but lost even faster.
I didn’t have a mic.
At the end he said “GG”. He also said he wants to “quit this game”.
I just thought, if you’re going to give up halfway through a round you’re never going to get better.
Anyway, and that brings an end to my fascinating story :smiley: