Need camcorder advice

I plan on getting one for evo west and world to record matches and misc tomfoolery

what should i look for when i buy one?
color? jk
and how much should i expect to pay?

recommendations and “avoid this or that” is appreciated

thanks :lovin:

bump >_<

how much are you looking to spend?

i need a ballpark range.


probably less than 200

if more thats okay

How high can you go?

Personally I would say get a HDD camcorder.

Something like this is a good choice:

I’m not sure you can get a camcorder for $200.


wow 500 0_0

i guess all i really need is being able to transfer it my computer easily

via SD card or w/e

i have alot of memory cards anyway so i dont mind that

ive seen some with hdmi output 0_0

that one is okay, but i didnt like the “poor low-light performance.” part :confused:

not to sound insulting, but with around $200 invested into a camcorder, you get what you pay for.

if anything, use a credit card, imo.


no worries

i can go 300+ if necessary for a quality one

if you can at least get like $350, do some shopping and looked for opened items at best buy or circuit city, you should at least get the default 14 day return window if they are not performing to your standards, other than that, check craigslist in your local area.

I’ve got a super nice JVC camcorder that I bought last year for my wedding/honeymoon vacation that I’m getting ready to sell. I just upgraded to a new Canon HD camcorder and have no use for this thing. It retailed when I bought it for $599 but was actually going to sell it in the $200-$250 range. If you’re interested let me know. It’s got a few features that aren’t too common in cameras under $500 (specically, the microphone input, F1.8 lens for low light, built-in video light) which kinda drew me to it. Let me know!