Need advice on a decision!

Well basiclly at my local EB Games we have a SFTE Fightstick aswell as a SFArcade Stick. I’ve wanted a stick for a long time now havn’t been able to find any worth buying locally until now.
I would just go buy the TE stick however I can’t afford it right now, but I really want a stick like now so I can start practicing for Tournaments etc. Also using the Xbox D-pad I find myself jumping sometimes when I don’t tell it to do so (very annoying)
So anyways, I have enough money that I could just go out and buy the Arcade Stick tomorrow, however i’ve heard they break easy etc etc.
So my question is, do you think I should wait and save up for the TE stick or just go buy the Arcade stick now (there’s a 100$ difference between the to) !
I really don’t like buying stuff like this online becuase of no warrentys etc so I see this as my only option to get one right now.
Personnaly I like the graphics on the Arcade more then on the TE stick so that makes me lean more towards the Arcade one, but are they really worth buying?

Also something I was thinking of doing is buying the Arcade stick now, and later down the road modding it to be similar to the TE stick or mod it anyway I want to, but I don’t know if that’s even worth doing and I don’t want to waste that much money.

Any advice is apprecieted !


Modding the SE isn’t so bad, and the SE itself is a solid beginner’s stick.

However, I own a TE and I love it, so it really is a toss up. I saved for mine, but if you really really want a stick, the SE is still solid. After modding, it’s really good, except for the weight of it - but that’s just me being lazy and not wanting to mod one so I got the TE :lol:

You mean the SF Anniversary Collection stick?

The stick is ok, but the buttons are absolutely terrible. You are not going to want to use the SFAC with stock parts.

I don’t think you can put any Japanese parts into it either (the top panel is too thick for buttons and you would have to route the joystick mounting yourself). Just save up for the TE if you want to go with Japanese.

It’s a cheap case if you want to build an American stick, it’s a pretty easy mod as illustrated in the guide above.

It depends on how serious you take your fighting games. If this is just a passive phase then don’t waste the extra money and buy the cheaper one. If you take it serious and want to get good enough to compete at tournaments, then save your money for the TE or a HRAP. The TE and HRAP’s are great sticks with top notch parts right out the box!

I think the TE might be a ripoff. For about half the price, one could buy an SE & sanwa parts, and make their own custom stick.

Also some adhesive segmented hobby weights for cheap, to give the SE case the stableity that the larger TE case has.

Depends on how you look at it. Getting into custom stick can be a very expensive addiction, lol. The TE is a solid build for an arcade stick. The case and the stick and buttons altogether are a good deal. You can search around and get one pretty cheap or search the trade section for a slightly used one for cheaper.

Just found this in the trade forum. The TE looks like a great deal.

Got right excited saw the TE stick was $80 was gonna buy it right now, but of course it’s PS3 lol

SE = $70
Parts = ~$60

Same as TE. Unless you find the TE on sale for $100 as it often is.

At our EB Games it’s $99 for SE and $189 for the TE seems like a bit of a ripoff around here.

At those prices, you really should order online. I just got a TE from Newegg. 130 bucks, free shipping, no taxes. Wait around and you can find them on sale for as low as 90.

Stock TE > Modded SE imo

I think a part of the price on the TE is that it has a much larger and heavier case compared to the SE. I love it how it does not move … AT ALL. The SE is better played on laps, which isn’t my thing.

oh and it looks way better :rofl:

but I can see what you’re talking about, since the price diff is so huge in Canada.

@ Dank. I can see where he’s coming from. We’re both from Canada and man, arcade sticks are mad overpriced. I had to buy one at eBay for what I thought was a good deal of $140 CDN Free shipping. Until taxes killed it for me -___-"

oh and your best bet is to look for a good deal on eBay, or check the Trading forums, there’s one for $80 shipped right now. Talking about a TE.