Need advice: I can't hold an arcade stick right!

OK. I know this is gonna get me mocked to hell and back, but I am running out of options.

I don’t know how to hold an arcade stick properly.

Here is how I normally hold my stick:

Your standard, index/middle over the ball, thumb gripping underneath type position. I’ve found that I keep finding myself doing this:

Lifting my hand off the controller, craning my wrist around, and grasping with my thumb, index, and middle fingers in a pulling motion to pull off SRK’s and Quarter/half Circles when facing right.

Like I said I’ve got a real problem when my character faces right in general, even without the awkward hand positioning. I can’t pull off moves with any sort of accuracy.

If I’m facing left however, I can pull off moves quite accurately without alot of difficulty.

I really need some advice on how to break these habits, and if necessary figure out a completely new way of holding the stick. I’m open to just about any sort of suggestion on how to correct this.

NOTE I’m not a tourney player by any stretch of the imagination, I live in a fighting game black hole. No arcades, no tourneys, nothing. Please do not tell me to go to an arcade to practice instead of using my stick. I cannot afford to travel 100 miles round trip to the nearest arcade.

Turn your hand over and place the stick inbetween your middle and ring finger, then curl your fingers and rotate your hand 90 degrees clockwise.

I think this video might help:

NOOOOO man, lol.

YOUR HOLDING IT WRONG, that’s what she said -_-

Ok first, you need to relax, i think, your thinking about it too much, if that makes sense. Try putting the stick on your lap, then on the table, then on the floor, what ever is more comfortable. there is your starting point. personally i put it on my lap, and i hold the stick like a wine glass. next you need to find a way to hold the joystick properly, by the picture, seems to me like your a bat top user, pick one up at Lizard Lick or something and test it out, if you don’t like it fair enough. If you do, hooray.

From then on i could only advise you to go on the internet, youtube, vesper arcade. the guys a legend.

Nope. The stick has a Sanwa Ball.(I ripped the crap parts out of the SE. It was much cheaper to mod it than buy a TE.)

Given that any arcade I’ve ever played in was an american arcade, and used american arcade parts, I think I’ve become a creature of habit about holding it as if it were a bat top and not as if it were a ball.

Watching the video, I do like the Daigo method, as well as the wineglass method as mentioned.

I do have a seating issue that i really can’t fix. Namely my monitor/tv is in my computer desk, and I have a large office chair with hand rests. So I do have an unnatural posture by default, my elbows either comically held inside tight to my body, or elevated to the point of being uncomfortable to hold about about 5 minutes.

lmao, yo, dat Death Grip


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