Need advice concerning PS2-GCN converter for my custom Si-Tong stick please


I’m new to these forums. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice with PS2-GCN converters for my custom stick so that it can be used for Guilty Gear & Tatsunoko vs Capcom on the Wii. I have a stick from someone called chenlefr, I don’t know if anyone off these forums is familiar with these sticks or has brought one from his person but it was one of the Ryu Sanwa Sticks (PS2, PS3, PC)

I brought a Magic Path II converter for the Wii to be able to use the stick but when I tried it 5 times it wouldn’t register the stick for some reason. Yet when I use my PS2 Royds Stick it does work if no problems. And the sanwa stick works with no problem with a Elecom PS3 converter. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the PCB board used but surly it wouldn’t make much difference? So, now I’m looking for an alternative, will the Cube Joybox Pro work with this stick or is there another suitable converter out there I can use cause I’m worried that I’ll have to fork out for a Hori Wii stick or something else just to play these 2 games.


welcome to the forums. the problem is your converter isn’t recognizing the PCB. You could try Cube Box pro but it is reported in our converter/adapter thread that it works only with official sony PCBs so it probably wont work either. Have you tried contacting the person you bought the stick from? maybe they know of some random converter that works.

if there are no converters that work then you’re going to have to replace the PCB to an official sony PCB. If you happen to have some soldering skills you might want to check out the Universal PCBmade by the SRK users, toodles. It supports all the consoles you want but it’s kind of a project.

Also I’d edit the title of your thread to reflect that you have a Si Tong stick. Maybe someone else that has the same stick will see the thread and be able to share their experiences.

Which would mean taking a perfect designed Sanwa stick that works and replacing the whole thing inside basically. Oh great. Anyway they have no idea about use with Wii converters.

Hunt around for other PSX->GC converters, and try out some friend’s one to find one that will work. If you find one that does, huzzah. If you don’t, then pcb replacement is your only option.

What other PSX-GCN converters are there that are suitable for fighting games apart from the Magic Path and Cube Joybox Pro? Cause I’m going to an event which has Tatsunoko on Sunday so I can find out then but I doubt there’s a huge variety of converters there though and I can’t waste money on 10s of converters to find the one that is perfect. If the worse comes to the worse, can a modder replace the board in question without causing to much damage. Anyway, this is the PCB board the guy used. Not sure what it is exactly.

thats a mayflash pcb. Look in the mayflash mod thread and ask if any of those guys have had sucess with a convertor.

Same question, but I have a 8 button PS2 MAS stick. Anyone know if their non-sony PCB works with any psx-gc converter?

well if the si tong stick uses a mayflash pcb then maybe the cube joybox works since it’s also made by mayflash.

I have no idea. No one in the Mayflash thread really answered my question as such. Si-Tong sticks must be rare then. If anyone has had experience with a Cube Joybox Pro into Si-Tong then let me know please.

Hi Sonic, any good news? I’m interested in the same stick for my Wii via a GCN adapter. Regards.