Need a Sasuke Tag, no it's not for SRK

Need a Sasuke Tag

This is probably a complex request, I want this picture as a tag, make sure the whole hand and head is visible, in the hand I want an animated lighting style graphic so it looks like he has a Chidori charged in his hand. Changing the size of the image is fine. As for the background, either make whatever or leave the background it has. Don’t put my name on it




yeah yeah I know, but I figure I have higher chances of someone picking it up this way.

Of course you would have higher chances…but it’s not how the game works, G.

but I’ll let you slide since that’s how I used to think.

Huh? Is there something wrong with asking for it here as well as there? [/ignorance]

ill see what i can do

well i didnt know what size it was supposed to be so here ya go…and ya i tried =.

it’s called av/tag whoring, aka, multiple requesting. i’ll explain why it’s not cool later.

btw, there’s rules on both forums saying so. just check the stickies :confused:

Ah, damn sorry, I’ll make sure I don’t do it again.

Thanks for trying monkeyspank, dimensions are fine, I pretty don’t care either way about that. The lightning effect could be better, but I may be asking too much. Thanks anyway :tup: