Need a replacement panel for custom stick

Its a small stick, not sure of the measurements yet but need to know where i can get a metal (preferred) or some kind of strong plastic panel. I need it cut for an UMK3 layout. I cant wait 2-3-4 months before i even hear back from the person.

Just not sure where to go, but i already know Art doesnt do custom’s and a certain other isnt very professional.


if that is a crack at me then just wow

I been told to avoid you. Thats all I can say. Please, i’d love to do business, believe that. I just dont know where to go or whom does the best work/best price. Nothing personal. again i dont know where to go.

If you’d “love to do business” how about you talk to the man instead of going off some he said she said bullshit? As far as I can tell he’s never wronged anyone.
As far as I know, you have three options for replacement Panels- a.)Arthong (doesn’t do custom panels) b.)blklightning c.)make one yourself.
I’ve only seen one other person in the community make metal panels, and he’s been gone for over two years if I recall correctly.

I think you’re confusing blklightning with daily Papa John’s pizzas.

Like I said before, and I’ll say it slowly so you can understand, I dont know where to go, so thats what Im asking. I know, as i stated in my OP that Art doesnt do customs. I also said that someone told me to avoid a certain someone. So after looking around, I didnt know what options are out there, so thats what Im asking for. I’d prefer metal, but it doesnt have to be metal.

Now if someone told you not to do business with someone and you respected that person, what would you do? I didnt make this thread looking to start BS, i was looking for help and direction to be pushed in.

thanks for your time.

just fuck it. im deleting this. sorry to waste peoples time.