Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

So I was reading the Think Aloud, and people were talking about how to inform people of their services. Not to mention you always see threads of “I need a modder” posted here and there. I figured a really easy way would be a thread for people to look at a quick glance and to see what modders are in their state.

Not everyone likes the idea of shipping their stick across the country to have some guy tinker with it, so why not deal with some one you can shake hands with?

So, take a look at the list. If they are in your state, click on their name and it will take you to their post where they also list their modding knowledge.

I am in no way liable if a modder can not preform the service he/she offers. This is simply a list for people to find who is close to them saying they(the modder) can do the work.

If you would like to be added, respond with your State/Providence/Territory/etc. (Please, if outside of the US, include your country), County/Town, and your modding abilities. A link to your trading thread with feedback would also be beneficial. (If you have one.)

With this stated! If you are a modder with out feedback, start up a thread for your services. Then have SRK members post and give you feedback after doing work for them. This will help foster a community of trusted modders that people can turn to in any area if they need help.

(I do not include myself in this list, because I do not find the time to mod sticks for others. However, if your stick has been modded but isn’t working, I am solid at troubleshooting. I reside in South Jersey, Camden County.)

Any feedback would be great, so let me have it. :china:

[INDENT=2]FrankCastleAZ - Phoenix[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]souji5 - West Phoenix[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]RoyalFlushTZ - Canyon Country/Los Angeles County[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]|Galen| - Inland Empire[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Ouroborus - San Francisco[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]BartStation - San Francisco/Peninsula[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]DanAdamKOF - Sunnyvale[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]jjordona - Vacaville[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]jdm714 - Westminster/Orange County[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]CanadianDstryr - Central FL (Near Orlando) Hiatus[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Dracula X - Des Moines[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Darksakul -Reisterstown[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]spenzalii - Washington DC[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]blueNINE - Amherst[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Vicko - Las Vegas[/INDENT]
[]New Hampshire
]New Hampshire
[]New Jersey
[INDENT=2]AlbinoD90 - Somerset[/INDENT]
]New Mexico
[]New York
[INDENT=2]hakdizzle - New York City - Brooklyn[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]networkingyuppy - New York City[/INDENT]
]North Carolina
[]North Dakota
[INDENT=2]PaperTigre - Philadelphia/Glenside[/INDENT]
]Puerto Rico
[]Rhode Island
]South Carolina
[]South Dakota
[INDENT=2]Half-Ro - Irving[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Lemony Vengeance - Salt Lake City/Provo Area[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Strogg - Reston[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Gummo - Virginia Beach[/INDENT]
[]Virgin Islands
[]West Virginia
[INDENT=2]DaRabidDuckie - La Crosse[/INDENT]
[]British Columbia
[INDENT=2]FreedomGundam - Montreal[/INDENT]





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Chattanooga, TN

[Currently not taking on new jobs until further notice.]

Experienced with:

  • Dual Mods (360>PS3 & PS3>360)
  • Custom PCBs: ChImp, MC Cthulhu.
  • Retail sticks: Mad Catz SE FightStick (360/PS3), MC TE FightStick (360/PS3), HRAP2/3, Hori Tekken 5, Namco PS1, Hori Arcana Heart 2, Hori Fighting Stick, Nubytech SF 15th Anniversary Edition.
  • RJ45 console cable mods.
  • Padhacks, desoldering buttons from PCBs & adding wires/disconnects, part swaps.

Available for sale:

  • Nubytech SFAE Stick [X-Men vs Street Fighter CP art] [iL Eurostick & Happ Concave Buttons] (PS2/Xbox1) 3.5v PCB : $50
  • Hori Virtua Fighter 4 Stick (PS2) w/Seimitsu LS-32-01 & Buttons (Navy Blue buttons/balltop) : $40
  • Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightStick [Sanwa JLF w/White Balltop & 6x White Sanwa OBSF-30/2x Black Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons] (PS3) : $40

[S]If you want something done that isn’t listed, feel free to ask. I don’t do LED mods or painting/art mods.[/S]

[S]PM for prices for your specific mod and for more information.[/S]

[S][S]Beginning July 1st, I’m quitting dual mods that don’t use a 360 Stick & one of Toodles’ Kitty PCBs. That may be subject to change, but until then please no requests.[/S][/S]

[S]I only deal locally, face-to-face. I live in Dunlap, but can meet up in the Hixson area at the days/times listed below. I can have it done before the next meetup if you don’t mind picking it up in Dunlap yourself.[/S]

[S]Contact Information:[/S]
[S]- Local Meet Only, sorry I’m not doing this for income this is mostly as a favor for local players.[/S]
[S]- PMs through SRK[/S]
[S]- In Person: [S][/S][/S]
[S]Check that thread for the specific days I’m hosting and will be present. I DON’T do mods there, I will do pickup/drop offs. I’m there to play fighting games with local players as well as have some food & drinks. We have 1-3 setups of mixed PS3/360 so you’ll be able to test/verify my work before you leave.[/S]

[S]ANY parts you want, you will need to order yourself OR pay for in advance (including applicable sales tax/shipping costs). I’m sorry, but I’m not getting stuck with a huge parts/shipping bill because you changed your mind.[/S]

great post!

I am a modder in fort worth. Done cthulhu, MC cthulhu and Chimps. Recently started Paewang mods as well

There used to be some Google maps based thingy where users of a certain group can pretty much mark themselves in the map. Hopefully something like that can be put in place so looking for someone close is as easy as bringing up a map. Good idea for the thread though, I would rather go and meet the guy, watch it while it’s being modded, and go home happy, rather than shipping and waiting.

Uh what about canada?

i’m in atlanta, ga.
can do chimps, imps, cthulu, madcatz padhacks, art.

I’m in College Park, MD

Can do almost anything!
I haven’t tried dual wireless mods though.


Lol, my bad! Totally dude. Anyone international, just let me know and I will put you on the list. Do the same as the states, but give me your providence/territory/etc. and town if you desire.

Great thread, very similar to the “If you want to buy a custom arcade stick…” thread on the Trading Outlet but purely for modification services perhaps?

Exactly. The sticky at the top of Tech Talk has great links to stick builders, but not simply modders. I can use a soldering iron, but suck with woodwork…for now.

Location: Toronto/Markham, Ontario, Canada
Past work: Madcatz SE/TE dual mods using Imps and Chimps for commission. Built my own stick and case using Cthulhu and Madcatz 4716. Tri-modded a TvC SE.

Good idea.

Current Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Past Work: Dual mods with the Mayflash, TE/SE, Toodles’ boards, Mad Catz 360, T5 and PSX/2 (first and third party) PCBs. General repairs to controllers and arcade sticks.
Price: Depends on the job but the most common ones are $30 for wiring, $40 for dual mod and $10-20 for repairs.

Updated again.

I will be on top of this thread pretty regularly, because I am with out a job. I start my new one on the 30th though, and wont have as much free time. It will get updated, but maybe every few days, instead of a few times a day. So, help me help you, and post in this thread sooner rather then later.

Also, I changed it up, instead of little quotes, I just linked them to your post in this thread. So if you want to clean up your post and include other information, go ahead.


Repping Virginia Beach, VA here.

I mod…well any and everything! From the basic dual mod all the way to triple wireless, leds, and hell even sound effects!

May as well throw my hat in. Philadelphia/Doylestown PA here.
I’ll mod pretty much anything from a TE to a Custom to a FS3.

Please, please tell me someones asked for fart sounds.

<edit> Oh, I should probably mention that I can do padhacks for pretty much any console that needs a padhack…

I think someone suggested I make a sound bank of farts for my stick.

Oh yeah, I also dual mod pads as well.

And I also travel to tournies to do mods. Like philly last weekend :slight_smile: upas helped too!

Fantastic. its things like this that give me faith in the SRK community.

Current Location: Irving, Tx
Can do: Dual mods, Trouble shooting, TE mods, wiring in general
Prices: depends on what you are having me do (no homo) :slight_smile:

Canyon Country, California (part of Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County)

I work on sticks locally in Southern California and go to The Runback at Super Arcade very often.

You can also also ship sticks for me to work on, as long as you cover to and from shipping.

Past works
-Gutted Tekken 5 Hori sticks, Mayflash stick (worked on same stick twice), Exar TvC:CGoH stick, Madcatz SE Stick, and Wii/PS3 Hori Fighting Stick.
-Replaced all sticks, buttons, and artwork with new, purchased parts.
-Padhacked PS1 analog and digital PCBs.
-Replaced artwork, stick, buttons, wire, and quick disconnects for buttons.
-Soldered/solder-free dual-mods with AkiShop PS360 PCB, with included padhacked PS1 controller.
-Dual-mod 360 Mad Catz TE with ChImp PCB.
-Dual-mod 360 Mad Catz Fightpad with PS3 Mad Catz SE.
-KNsert LEDs with Toodles FGWidget with PS360 PCB.
-Sanded down dreamGear arcade stick.
-Dual-mod PS3 SE with a Imp V2 and 360 Fightpad.
-Numerous USB fixes and installations of Neutrik ports.
-ArcEye3 LEDs with Sparky PWM with ChImp+360 TE PCB.
-RJ45 mod with PS360+.
-RJ45 mod with MC Cthulhu + Imp V2 + 360 Fightpad.

-For modding a stick with new parts, you pay for the parts and components necessary for the stick’s functionality and appearance (which includes any new PCB(s), stick, buttons, balltops, mounting plates, nuts, bolts, screws, artwork, sticks cases, etc.), along with a $35-$75 service fee for the cost of tools and entire labor (drilling holes, wiring PCB and common grounds, etc.) that goes to me. Prices of labor may vary depending on length or difficulty of project, hence range from $35-$75. You also pay for shipping costs.
-For minor fixes or maintenance (swapping wire or quick disconnects, redoing any loose solder, etc.), free of charge.
-I prefer to have money paid up front before handing over finished products.

Example work
Short version:

Long version:

Contact Info

Send me PM through SRK or Facebook for more details.