Need a little help on setting up controller ID'si in Mame32

Well… problem is, I can’t. I only have 1 controller(Hori Fighting Stick EX2) but weird thing is Mame32 says I have five controllers of the same kind(XBCD Xbox 360 gamepad) on the settings tab. And it won’t let me choose any of them, when check the controllers, it automatically unchecks itself out. Another weird thing is that the Joystick ID’s have them all as 0. But the other options within the same tab work like enabling joystick and whatever. The controller works fine while I"m in the in-game menus of SFA3 but once outside, I get no response.

I’m scared to reinstall it for Mame32 because of how problematic these kinda stuff can be.

Oh also, I have the Final Burn Mame Emulator that has problems also if someone can help. The buttons work except the joystick and the RT and LT buttons. After I learned of XBCD, no other clues came up after searching on google the whole day.

BTW anyone know of any other highly populated websites like where I can get some more answers?

Whoops, finally got it to work… all I had to do was “insert coins” :looney:

And if that wasn’t enough, I just realized that this stick really sucks to me while playing fighting games. I hope it has nothing to do with my hands being small or maybe my hands have a hard time handling ball point sticks. Looks like its time to spend the big bucks on getting a quality joystick gamepad.