Need a good stick builder / modder for custom stick design ( very odd)

I’ve lately been trying to get alot more competitive, practicing all day, buying a TE stick, trying to learn that. But no matter how much I practice, there is just something about the actual stick that drives me nuts and feels uncomfortable in comparison to my D-pad.

I know the benefits of the stick, and as far as I can tell it’s primarily in the buttons. So I’d like to commission a builder / modder to make a VERY custom arcade/pad hybrid.

Basically try to imagine a normal TE fight stick cut off in the middle right to the left of the buttons. On that side, there would be like, something similar to the left half of a ps3 controller, or some other sort of handle with a D-pad on it.

I’m not a modder so I have no idea if this is even possible. But also set it up with some sort of dual mod to be compatible with ps3 and 360, so that I wouldn’t have problems at tournaments.

If there’s anyone around that can do somethign like this, let me know how much you would charge to pull it off and we can go from there. If not, no worries. I suppose I’ll “stick” with what I’ve got.

Pretty much this. I used to use this back in the day for the Sega Genesis version of Street Fighter 2 so I could get that arcade 6 button feel…

More recently, I use this for Tekken 5 and 6. Most people I know who play that game also do the same thing. I think you should consider this before attempting to build some customized (and maybe unnecessary) mod.

I tried this “claw method” but the buttons are just too close together to get it effective enough, and they don’t have the feel of the arcade buttons. I guess I could stick with it and try to learn that, but I would imagine the full benefits of a hybrid controller would be massive in my case.

what i suggest is that you commission someone to make a pad/button panel combo. So you hold the controller part in your hand with a wire that goes to the panel with the buttons. The pcb would have to stay in the controller to make the pad work so making it dual mod would be very had…hmmmm, unless you destroy another controller just for the pad pcb part and some how figure out how to wire it…i’m sure it can be done, lotsa smart people around here. i would give it a shot but i’m always busy with my own modding stuff and simple(normal) joystick requests.

here’s what i sorta see it as:

actually i was thinking something like that, but if it’s just in one hand you’re not going to have support on the other side of the Dpad, whereas on a normal pad your right hand keeps the pad from moving around when you’re using the Dpad. So if it were physically attached to the arcade part at maybe a slight up angle it would have the firm support to control it correctly

so i guess you’d want something like this then.

if the pad was on something like a wii nunchuku then you could have that wire.

Yeah like that, but connected

Sounds like you want a Capcom Pad Soldier. They go pretty cheap on Ebay. Not sure if there is a working snes to ps3 adapter though.

See, something like but i’m talking like, literally the button half of an arcade stick, i like the way it sits on the table and the feel of the buttons, but the stick is just too much for me. I’ve got 12+ years of fighting experience on a pad, and my execution is almost flawless, but the stick just feels like i’m getting worse. I mean I can do all my moves, I can pull off what I need to, but just the whole stick itself just makes me feel like i’m playing slower. I’m sure it’ll come with time, but It just feels like a bunch of wasted experience on a pad.

Holy shit, I want one of those.

you probably should consider getting this:

It mounts in a 24mm hole.
Instead of getting a custom stick builder, Try getting a custom replacement TE Panel from and cut it like so. Put your Dpad in that hole. You should probably get a Super TE for the slimmer sides. Maybe even cut a curved hole in the side for your four fingers with a drill and a keyhole saw or dremel.

Just so Art doesn’t think you are crazy or messed up, put in the notes that you are going to be using that dpad and give the link for it.

That way if it ends up feeling retarded your can go back to reverting your TE back.

Now to hack the harness you need to refer to the picture in the upper left hand corner. You need to mark you Connector on your TE joystick harness to remember what side was facing the bottom. Because the TE harness wires are all black, you will have to just go by the positions on the refering to the Sanwa. Take a black sharpie and mark what end is ground and go from there.

You need to do something like this: (my colors and wiring will be wrong because I do not know how that dpad is wired up exactly)Insert some 22 gauge solid wire directly into the harness.

You take the ground wire and daisy chain it to all the switches that say “Com” I hope it is labeled.
Using that wiring guide you need to figure out what wires go to the “NO” blades of the swtich.

Com stands for common ground and NO stands for Normally open.
The third blade is NC or Normally closed and if you use that the button will act as if the direction is always held down and stops when you press. Don’t use that.

Once you have the dpad working flawlessy and the directions work you should hot glue the hacked wires to joystick harness. If you ever change your mind you can peel off hot glue and go back to joystick.

Subscribe to this thread if you decide to do it and let us all know how that dpad feels by updating. I’m curious to see how that dpad is.

If you buy all that shit and want to mail it to me for wiring and pay for return postage, I’d do it for free just to get a chance to touch and fuck around with that dpad myself. So long as you arrange it so it doesn’t cost me a cent. PM me if you like.

I was going to say something about gutting that snes controller, but the idea stated by rtdzign sounds qretty interesting actually.

could see that bieng a popular mod for pad players.

^^ wait, what? That is quite interesting … but he’s looking for a d-pad on the left instead of the stick.

Just out of curiosity though, why wouldn’t you want the hand rest below the buttons? Was this designed to be a compact two-piece stick or something?

I like this idea, though I think it’d be kinda hard to that dpad on the actual TE stick itself, as it’s pretty darn fat. and I don’t think I could comfortably get my hand over it.

Could you give a little background on how long you have been playing, how long you have tried a stick, and your general skill level?

You should ask leaveal about that RobbieTheStiff.
Because he made that, not The_Third.

Been playing fighting games for over 10 years on a pad. Been using the stick for about 3-4 weeks. I know it’s not much time and I’m probably being impatient, but either way, this would be one hell of a controller lol

What you ask nubbinownz is quite unique… What rtdzign proposed is a very interesting. An idea: You could also try making/finding a cylinder of appropriate dimensions, so that your fingers wrap around the cylinder with the thumb resting on the pad rtdzign proposed.

However I suggest you try out different joysticks (eg an LS32), before proceeding to such a mod. Perhaps the problem is the stick not suiting your playstyle. Experiment with different brands, replacing the ball with bat top etc. It might help.

Now don’t take this as a flame cause that’s not intended. I realize you’re gunning for a unique project here, which is fine, but it seems like you’re missing the real benefits of playing on a stick.

I’m not bashing pad players either, I know there’s a bunch of guys out there that can rock pad just fine competitively. But there is a stiff learning curve for playing on stick (no pun intended) that can possibly take months, if not years, to make a proper transition and develop your own personal comfort level/style.

In the end it’s all preference, but I still recommend giving the stick a more long term approach until you feel 100% comfortable playing on it. I had my transition when I was about 13…back in snes days…and it took me about a year to fully adapt, but it was well worth the time. 16 years later and I think I’d have carpel tunnel in both my hands if I would have stuck with pad.

So I’d say hold on to your TE for practice, and if you got cash to burn commission this side project from a stick builder. That way you can play on pad still temporarily to enjoy the games in your comfort zone while still practicing playing on stick on the side. You may never end up liking it, but chances are you will eventually. Just give it a shot.