Need a dual mod

I have a ps3 TE stick that I need dual modded with Imp so there is only 1 cable. I know there is a modders section and I replied but there was no response. I have no problem shipping as long as the charge is not too high. I would prefer obviously if you bought the parts and I just payed via paypal for parts/labor. Thanks much.

gummo didn’t reply i find this very hard to believe…

and the fact that when you look at your forum posts i don’t see you posting anywhere, are you being a troll?

I just tried local modders.

If gummowned doesn’t get back to you, give us a holla:

Shipping would be cheaper to gummowned though so maybe you want to check his availability.

Ill do it if you dont mind shipping to brooklyn or driving down here.

lol hakdizzle too! bump for some great modding!

You could by one of the trimod boards has and do it yourself too. They’re screw-in so it’s no soldering, and it’s not that hard either. I just did mine in about an hour and a half and I’d never even opened up the bottom of a stick before doing so

or me… :3