Need a customized fight stick!

Hello everyone,

I’m kinda new here and I don’t know exactly where to ask about this after having done some research into the forum.

Story is: since i was a kid i’ve been playing street fighter and all other fighting games with PC emulators and i’ve been using the keyboard in a “left hand for attack buttons, right hand for movement”. Now I realize keyboard is really not a proper way to play fighting games and it’s REALLY difficult for me to give up the way of controlling the buttons, since all fight sticks advertised nowadays are in the “left hand for analog stick, right hand for buttons” format. Therefore, I’m in desperate need to have a fight stick that has the analog stick in the right side of the buttons.

Anyone has suggestions for me? I’m in Decorah, Iowa now and I play SF4 online with LIVE on Windows.

Check in the trading outlet. There’s a couple people who have built sticks with the buttons on the left and the stick on the right.

Yea man, you can post a “Want to Buy” thread. You just can’t sell or trade anything yet untill you are a member here for 6 months, but you are free to buy on there.

Thank you Digital. But gonna work on 50 posts first =___= …

I can do it :slight_smile:

Have you tried playing cross-handed? Not many people play like that, the most well known is probably seth killian but apparently it works just fine if you get used to it

I played on keyboard using arrows, asd for punches and zxc for kicks for years. The change to stick left hand buttons right hand was really easy. Since the button layout on any stick is totally different to playing on keyboard and a stick is totally different to arrows on a keyboard, it’s irrelevant which side which controls are on since you need to teach your muscle memory totally new movements anyway. Try buying a cheap nasty arcade stick (or borrow a friends) to learn the movements and I bet you don’t have too much trouble.

you could use wasd instead of using arrows…