Need a chair with proper anal support

This computer chair I’m on right now was cheap (80$) but it kind of feels soar when I sit down for more than 4 hours at a time. Do I have no choice but to resort to the swivel chairs that cost hundreds of dollars?

I recommend The Pear of Anguish.

I recommend this one for you.

Looks like your style.

That chair looks comfy as hell.

kill yourself

all your problems will be solved

Anal support? You want a chair with a dildo on the seat?

Seriously though I’m not a chair aficionado, but perhaps you could try some pillows/chair accessories to make it more comfortable.

When your ass starts to hurt just stand up and walk around for 2 mins and sit down again. Problem solved.

…so u want a sybian?

move your computer to your bathroom, then repeatedly bash your head with the toilet lid, whilst swallowing large amounts of toiler paper

I had a wheelie chair with a broken seat, the tube that holds the seat and the wheels together would bulge out a bit from under the cushion. Had no other chairs so I had to use it.

My friends thought I was gay.

what does a chair have to do with your anus? homo…

I think what OP means is he has a bad hemorrhoid and needs a chair that allows him to avoid sitting on it.

You’re aware that the anus and the buttocks are totally separate, right? If your chair is hurting your actual anus, I think you need a new doctor, not a new chair.

Sounds like the average BeGuiled thread right here.

Of course not, that would be ridiculous.

He wants a butt plug.

subtle troll is subtle

turn the chair over. it’s upside down.