need a avatar

can any 1 help i got this one on here now but i want a better 1

can u make 1 with him red and hi some1 like sent in mvc2

now your starting to get all fuckachunkz on me.

and that pm you sent me:

make him red and smoking a blunt?! wtf?

he doesn’t have lips to smoke

well have him holding a blunt and i dont like green i want him red cuz thats the color of him i have tattoo on me

im going to have to say no, son.

ill take a shot at it then…but i dunno about the blunt yo

This took over six hours to make because of all the intricate shading on the tentacles. Know that it was lovingly made. <3

hows this:


Yawn. How long did you take on that pile of crap? Just kidding. Really great job there!

wow just awesome there

Thread starter is a certified douche if he doesn’t accept that. It looks pimp.

lol yea this is tight man i like it and yo im no douche yea thanks man for the avatar

Wow, yeah… mad props to darkdragon :wow:

damn blunt and all. nice job. darkdragon want to make me a cvs2 terry avatar?

i think my attempt was better…j/k.

too good,DD. i wish i could rep you for that. also, you officially must start your own request thread now. gogogogo!!!

stephen make me a urien av in the turquoise color.

for pallete swap just in case.