Need a 3rd character for my team

I have venom (variety) and Sent (Ground). I am thinking about Blackheart, Mag, and Doom. Can anyone help please?

Try Doom or Cykes.

With venom on your team, it doesn’t matter who you pick. Boot him when you want to get serious then add 2 God/top teirs to your team. Done.

Don’t be hatin on low tiers.


^^^ Truth, VDO caught Potter with that at Evo this year. One of the Hypest moments for sure. VDO is the exception to the rule, if you can play as smart as he does, and you know your characters, you can win with any team.

Nick Doom has a nice Venom from what I remember.

venom is pretty good.

venom\sent ron is god like! :lovin:

Is there video footage of this somewhere online? :smile:

I think VDO was taping his matches, maybe he’ll put it up.