Everyones favorite 3s character Necro. Well at least i like him.

The Legend:SFMC

good work SFMC, I am Patiently awaiting your website, (I too am trying to place one up)and the unveiling of the the Birdie /Ken pic and Alex vs Yun, Yang…
:cool: when painting, how many layers do you usually end up with usually? eg: your recent NECRO

quick question: how do I keep the sharp edges of a sketch on top when painting is there a way to keep it as just line art?and place it on top after youve painted…?whats your strategy for approaching colouring a sketch?:confused:

Now there’s someone you dont see everyday

I always liked his designed but i’ve never seen anyone use him correctly or good for that matter. You still using Painter?

I got a research paper on Michaelangelo’s Moses to do, 5 bucks to anyone who wants to do it.

necro is the shiznit man what are you talking about? you must check out some japanese videos.

Anyways. Peter just have 3 layers, 1 for line, one for bg, and one in the middle for the color. He doesn’t delete the white space on the line layer either(lazy fob), he just set it on multiply.

BUt if you want to do that, load up the line layer, if its a bg then you have to copy it to a new layer first. Then go to channel, click the circle of dots icon(selection something), then hit delete. Or alternatively you can select it, then hit ctrl+i to inverse select, then fill in a new layer with the lines.

Ah thanks alot guys.

Dreaded ifst has the right idea, but gunstar this is uaually how I work. Personal preference. Deo i don’t use painter, just ps7 cause painter7 is crap(hate the interface) and painter8 is the shit. Still need to get my hands on that.

For sketches:

color underneath the lines

layer2 multipply the layer (paintbucket bg) and color it on this too
layer1 linework

Color over the lines

layer3leave it on normal(this is the layer I color on)
layer2multipy this layer and add neutral bg with paint bucket

For serious work:

Make the linework a whole new layer using channels. Chainwhore had a tut so go look for his name and his post.

i dont think i can add anything that hasnt already been said. great job, you got his personality perfectly. excellent job on coloring. the way you did the muscles and face is amazing. i have no idea why udon hasnt hired you, it makes no sense to me. you could really contribute your skills to their team.

if you stand far away and take off your glasses, or just one or the other. It blends really good. Looks really good too.

Wowowow that’s great man. I love them solid colour shadings.:smiley: His face seems more humanoid than usual, very cool dude.

On a side note, I love the wacky characters in 3s. I keep hearing a lot of people are turned off by their freaky designs saying stuff like “Necro, Q and Oro need to go”.:frowning: I guess I just appreciate when the artists go experimental with their character designs, and not just another guy with different shirt and pants and hair style.

Pretty tight sketch. Everything in here is still crap as usual but i do see some improvements in some people. Alright man you’ve been challenging me for a long ass time now and your skills are better than pro so let’s do it. remember i’m not helping you on your pics anymore so no crits from me. you name a streetfighter character and we’ll do an all out cg pic. deadline one week. this should be hella fun! (necro maybe)

Thanks twelve, Zen, and sweet. I don’t usually do challeneges, because it just leads to ego boosting. I’ll make an exception to challenge you though.

Hmm we’ll let the crowd choose the character from third strike(3s). Time is limited so I’ll have to make it 1 day cg battle. Oh and you only helped me out on 1 pic so don’t get too cocky hah.

you ungrateful bastard! jk. no i dont want one of your one day sketch crap. i want one like the yun yang alex piece you sent me. your the one whose been challenging me so shut up guy. and i’m busy too kid so dont use that excuse if you want we can make it a 2 week deadline. and my ego is already big so when i crush you it wont make that much of a difference. any 3rd strike character is fine with me.

Ok ibuki and necro fight scene. No mock up character bull. 2 weeks. Get ready to ride home on the short yellow bus when I school you. All for fun bs talk so this should be fun. I’ll work on it little by little a day. Peace.

Wooo hooo!

Sweet has returned… Dum, dum, dum… lol. Im patiently wanting on a new pic from you though and im dying to see this Alex vs. Yun&Yang. Can’t wait to see the outcome of this contest. Too bad i’m not in this, I wouldn’t wanna hurt nobody’s feeling.:confused:… :bluu: …:lol:

OOoooooo It’s on

LOL… all the trash talking going on here, suddenly there’s an eruption and the explosion finally happens…it will be nice to see the outcome of it all… Sweet vs SFMC…:evil:

nice pic, great pose and kickass colors like always SFMC. can’t wait to see you and sweet duke it out. we’re gonna see two awesome pics in 2 weeks

i have dibs on SFMC…i doubt sweet will even post a pic…but when he does, then i’ll reconsider