Necro Wake-Ups

I know Necro is limited in his wake-up game, but I just want to know what options you guys use when waking up when your opponent is close to you.

Personally I find that the THROW and HCB + K works surprisingly well.

I always sense that people misjudge how fast Necro wakes up at least once per match, and I get a free wake up throw because of it. I’ll try out hcb+k once in a while, but generally I feel it’s kind of slow. Necro isn’t really the best when it comes to “back the fuck up” moves to begin with. B+mp and lp tornado hook both seem like pretty safe options. Honestly, unless it’s someone with a command grab, I just try to block my way out.

Wake Up throw is good because of Necro’s large throw range which catches many people off guard.

Wake Block is one of your best friends with Necro.

Sometimes I wake up cr.jab if they are playing the walk back and forth out of throw range game.

And very rarely Wake up Low/high parry.

I use HCB + K at times because sometimes opponents will try to rush me down with crouching shorts or close medium punches or fierce punches. Because of this, HCB + K nullifies those attacks by making those attacks miss. I dont know if you people noticed, but the HCB + K backs up a considerable amount of distance. So I try to use that to my advantage.

block or parry
qcb p for escape

Electricity if they jump
B + MP

b+short, s.strong, you can hit confirm a super.

yeah but back+short ha no priority. Don’t do that on wakeup.

Actually b + short -> standing mp xx sa3 works surprisingly well. It’s only best when they’re really up close trying to tap you away or at the very least, trying to throw you. In some cases, it can stuff Ken’s and cr.fwd. It’s worked for me in several occasions and in tournament play.

hmmm, well it’s fast… but I don’t know, I’m too scared to do that too often. I’ve actually never seen it beat a throw… Or a cr.forward, or someone mashing on short.

in wake ups back dash???

wtf :confused:

it is good against the tickplayers (makoto , alex)
por example makoto in wake up i see a karakusa .
i try a back dash and SA3 for stun also use qcb jab reversal
excuse my badly English