Necro n00b needs your help plz? (vids inside)

Hello to everyone , I just started taking up necro… Ive been studying him for about a week or two. I have a couple matches Id like you necro players to watch and critique.

Tips would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks alot in adavnce for the help.



k. Try not to get into the habit of spamming drill kick too much. You use it pretty well so far so no worries. But try to train yourself so that it hits as they’re waking up, not while you’re still coming down. If you do it that way, it pushes you back too much and doesn’t give you any real advantages.

Try to NOT use mp tornado hook on its own. Always confirm it with b+ mp or something.

Also, for now please please use electric snake, it forces you to use Necro and understand his important setups. you only need to tap taunt once to get the benefit, and dont use it without at least an super knockdown/stun. Some chars can royally molest you for that so try to not get into that habit.

I posted a ton of these kinds of tips in my Necro for Scrubs thread so you should check it out.

Oh and cancel your c. lk into something. Either a tornado hook or an lp electric blast. I know you’re still learning, but just for your knowledge, vs makoto c. lk = c. lk -> lp tornado hook -> db + hp -> b + mp -> mixup xD

Oh also, dont stand over people when they wake up so closely. It’s just asking to get thrown.

You use Necro’s axe kick really well, keep it up!

Don’t use c. mp when your enemy is on the ground so much. Its kind of useless in that way. The main point in it is to stop people from advancing by jumping. You just wait for them to jump, and then use it. Usually you recover in time even if they parry, so its a very useful poke, but useless as a ground move. Use b + mp/ b+ mk/s. mk/ c. mk as ground pokes instead.

Never use s. hp/c. hp close up. They’re sooo absolutely useless close up. I never even use c. hp at all because I think thats even more useless than s. hp.

Also mix up your drill kicks sometimes. Use both mk and hk offensively, not hk alone. Like any move it gets predictable if you just spam it.

Past that point, just read the threads that have been posted here. Specifically the ones from Obscure, Coreografo, and if I’m allowed to flatter myself: My own. Keep it up and welcome to the ranks of low tier :smiley:

I have three old as shit videos of me if you want some extra tips on how to use his drill kick/ground pokes etc here:


These are when I used to jump too much xD. If you need anything else, watch a sugiyama clip or something for more tips :D.

Here’s two to get you started:

Dude , thanks alot for the pointers. Ill go to reading your thread now.

Thanks for vids also… and Sugiyama is such a monster I love that guy.

There is a sticky thread for EVERYTHING Necro by Obscure. It’s an AMAZING read. Look into it. < There’s the link.


After playing you, I’m just gonna say, ease up on the throw attempts. It was really easy to bait you in to whiffing them.

Cut him some slack on that, defense online is horribly butchered even with the smallest delay.

Wasn’t meant to be an insult, just an observation. Try to know what’s punishable and what isn’t. You were trying to throw me out of some stuff that’s safe.

Yeah , Im still learning Nec’s whole game. Im not used to him yet… But actually you made me learn some stuff by playing you today. I got an insight on things NOT to do… and things TO DO.