Necro: get out of my way!

just to remind myself that I used to draw stuff…

I haven’t forgotten the drawing block thread, btw…

Awesome linework. I love the aggressive pose.

You know, you should remind yourself you draw more often.

Not bad, Rook.
I like your piece quite a bit man. The sketchy style is very cool, did you color it in Painter?

havnt forgo ten is cool but i hope the slayer will be done soon =’(
i like this necro alot rook
2 things thou look odd to me the thumb on the left hand doesnt look thumb like =X
and the right ankle seems weird to me
ACK dont kill me with your mod like wrath X_X

Wow mega impressed good to see some your work floating around. Great pose and energy. My only crit would be nit picking. And the only oly tiny niggling nit I could find is in the little finger looks a bit twisted. But it’s Nerco so mit doesn’t matter. :wink:

What’s with everybody and Necro? Im mean his design is cool, but I dont care much for him as a fighter.

Cool pic though Rook. Nice to see some more work from ya. I really like what you did for his arm and leg in the far-ground. The blurred colors help push the distance of the limbs. Post more!

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

jz_chu237, CptMunta, shadowcharlie:
ya, there are errors aplenty… I was originally trying to draw a tornado hook (hcf+P), but it didn’t quite come out right. So I just finished the pic in quick fashion but I liked it enough to stick it up.

coloured in PS. My stuff tends to be sketchy :frowning:

I felt inspired watching some JPN tourney footage of Necro… stun monster! heh… the blurring is a happy accident. The colour job was just something thrown together with a soft brush in PS.

Actually, I’ve been working on and off for months to complete your request… it’s just gotten really hard to finish (I’ll post up a preview later when I get to work).


i really like it rook, good stuff, i like the top half the best!

^ thx. I like the top half better than the rest of the pic too… I really should draw more legs & feet :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh oh Rook AND coloring? Haha. Very nice necro man. Necros face has distinct features that are ahrd to draw, but you did a good job. As for color its all about shape making so don’t blend too much.

The last pic is some crazy request. Hope to see it finished.


Your sketches pwn me for free, dood. Your perspective on the Necro is hella t1z1t3! And you don’t give yourself enough credit for your coloring skills.

I love thems Necro pics. He rocks so much.

Since you mention about his HCF+P move I finally see what you’re going for. His blurred left leg is a nice effect.:bgrin:

I tried erasing his right forearm n it made the whole composotion more weird/interesting. But that’s just coz I like strange poses.:bgrin:

Wicked sketch man, always nice to see work from you being the rare thing that it is.

Thats a cool picture of Necro, I was actually thinking of drawing him soon too. Manly because he’s my favorite third strike character.

We should start a Necro gallery. :tup:

YesSSssSsSSsS please!

Btw, have you ever actually read what Necro says after he wins? That shit is hilarious.

A Necro gallery would indeed rock.

I remember in NG all his quotes were filled with angst with stuff like “Screw you bastard. I’m in pain”. Heheh. Hardcore.

wow nice pic!

thx everyone for the kind comments :slight_smile:

will try to use that bit of info. Any tips on how to create a hexagonal brush in PS?

you were always a Necro fan :slight_smile: I remember you drew this pic where Necro punched Twelve in the gut. That pic rocks, man… it’s partially thanks to your pic that I’ve got a short fight sequence in my head between the two. I might draw it out sometime… (shyeah right. I barely have time anymore :stuck_out_tongue: )

thx man. I really wish I could colour like you did, though.

Everyone who wants to start a Necro gallery:
This thread would suffice, I think. Anyone who’s interested can post their pic(s) in this thread :slight_smile:

Rook there is a hexagon tool in ps right under the text tool. slap that shape down on the paper fill it in with a black. You might have to outline the shape with the lasso tool. Proceed to go to edit>define brush preset. The brush will show up in your brush tools at the very bottom.

A necro gall would rock.