NECALLI Matchup Thread

Knowledge, tips, and tricks in here.

This bastard is my third worst match-up. I just don’t know when he is unsafe and when he is safe. LP > LP TA seems like a good punish for his stomp move. No idea whether the EX version is punishable on block, though?

Only LK Valiant Rebellion is punishable (-4) by Nash, and only from very close. MK and EX versions are only -2 so you can press buttons afterwards. HK version is neutral on block.

His anti-fireball charge move, The Disc’s Guidance is easily punishable on block. -6 on all normal versions, 13 on EX. Punish with st.MP and cr.HP into whatever you want.

Wait, so if a move is -4 on block, and you throw out a 4 frame move, its a punish? I figured they’d have time to block

Edit: Welp, I feel retarded, just went into training mode and tested it out myself. Learn something new every day I guess

In Street Fighter frame data, for whatever reason, the final frame of startup is also the first active frame.

my worst matchup in the game.
any tips on how to approach this match?

Practice safe jumps so you can pressure him on wake up (if he doesnt have EX), feign booms so he charges at you > punish, note charge move is actually a charge move (i.e. hold back for 3s) so take advantage of that by crossing up.

Hes a tough character to beat. Id suggest playing him for a few hours so you can learn his basic combos and block strings.

Necalli is a tough one, but there are ways to deal with him. He has good frame data, but his range sucks. I usually try to stay in his face and score a knockdown and try to throw a meaty hp.SB (an example hereby SneakerNinja) and stay in his face. I tend to find that if I get predictable with my SB or if I throw it out at medium range, I’ll eat a Disc’s Guidance (b, f + P). I sometimes spend my V-Trigger to do the Reversal, but it’s because I hate getting tagged by him due to his high damage.

I still got to work on this matchup too actually!

some way to punish his jump

EX Scythe

My biggest problem when facing Necalli is his cr. mp. I don’t understand how people say his range sucks, when he has st. RH and cr. mp. He can fish for free with that cr. mp and easily confirm into Disc Guidance for scary corner carry. I struggle big time keeping him out yo. I’m going to study this matchup and grind it out and post what I come up with.