NEC8 SNK 2007-2008! Philly, 12-1 to 12-2-07 SNK Season II Starts where it began!

All right…time is approaching…my break is ending :rofl:…Time to start planning for NEC8!!!

Hope you all have enjoyed your post EVO World break…its time now for some more SNK Madness!

Since Eric has one KOF confirmed in the lineup I wont have that in there…I will assume its KOF MIRA unless noted otherwise…

So now taking signups…start off the new SNK Year With a Clean Slate and a Bang!!

Shall Triad Showdown IV happen in Philly again???


** [COLOR=“Yellow”]TRIAD MUST DIE Saturday-[/COLOR]**

1.Neo Geo Battle Coliseum-$5 : **DG, Hyperhal,Rusheddown,rogueyoshi, SieClayton
2.King of Fighters XI-$5: DG, Hyperhal, Rusheddown,Kayin,Rick_Son, rogueyoshi,
3.Samurai Showdown Tenka-$5 :DG, Hyperhal, Master Chibi, Rusheddown, caliagent,
4.Kabuki Klash- $1 :DG, Hyperhal,Rusheddown

1.Real Bout Fatal Fury Special-$1 : DG, Hyperhal, Master Chibi, Rusheddown, caliagent,
2.Waku Waku 7-$3: DG, Hyperhal, Rusheddown, Master Chibi
3. King of Fighters NeoWave-$3: DG, Hyperhal, Rusheddown, rogueyoshi
4.Breakers Revenge-$5 : DG, Hyperhal, Master Chibi, Rusheddown, caliagent,Rick_Son

Sign up sign up!!

Ok players you heard the man.

I will add something to the pot. $$$$:lovin:

I’m definitely in for everything on Saturday and Sunday

So you bringing Shingo back to come for Young Geese in NeoWave eh?

Also brigning Slash back for Tesse eh? You may be surprised I may have some surprises in store for you in Waku like Slash or Rai…

If you pass Tesse…:devil:

Eric- Appreciate the support man seriously! :china:

The more people can supply me with an additional modded/fliptop pS2 and a VCR/camcorder for filming this faster all this goes and ups the possibility that we can do MORE tournaments!

fuck it sign me up for everything

DG we will try to record all the semi-finals, of every game i hope.

It’s good to see that you know whats really good in WW7 with Slash, picking up REAL characters :rofl:

I’ve got Neowave now, so I’m gonna be training hard trying to get my Shingo to pimp status

SST is gonna be interesting though, Galford wants a words with your Amakusa :looney:

ive actually gotten ahold of most these snk games now
so im not going into the tournies not haveing played the games before

i predict agrivation for anyone who plays me

snk guile clones will help me thru

After doing ‘ok’ at Evo and being shown a few SNK games I hadn’t tried before, I’m hype for this. I’ll actually practice Waku Waku and RBFFS. Breakers and Tenka are another story <3!

Also Yagumo for KK.


Take back that Tesse :annoy:

Hyperhal- What hate you got for Tesse man? The Maid IS TOO GOOD!! :lovin: Tesse WINS TOURNAMENTS!! :lovin:

Amakusa takes on anyone…and be ready should you pass him…either Ten Iroha or Tokido EVO style Mina will await you!!!

Eric- Man let me help anyway I can…I’ve got my equipment to ASSURE I wil be recording like all thatI can from the SNKfront…so anything I can do to assist you please let me know!!! Are you planning on making a NEC8 DVD? (This ay kon what I can post up on youtube and what I can’t etc.)
Rusheddown-** Mauru is gonna beast in Waku Waku 7 right? Ash FTW in KOXI, and guess what Chibi…DAO LONG is who he’s using…oh boy I can see it now…“Ikuha, ikuha!..FLASH KICK!”

thats the plan for the deformed bunny creature to run over the other players

yes ash,mary and juza ftw

and yeah dao long combos into supers and invincible flash kicks all day
rush my dao down i dare u

Ralph is awesome.


Okay how many here have played Kabuki Klash at all???

Yagumo :lovin:


Years ago in college.

Don’t remember shit :rofl:.

Tsunade and the Mai chick are where its at!!! Gotta watch out for Tsunade’s 50% Elf Touch of Death!!! :devil:

im goin to this but seriously…no garou or rb2 and your having kabuki clash and rbspecial??

let put games in more people would play :slight_smile:

(especially garou)

Garou would be hot shit, seriously gotta bring that lockdown Rock into the picture

Well once again its about putting stuff in to spread out…Garou and RB2 are getting in at EVO East/EVO North and FRXI…(not to spoil too much) I gotta get out word/play for as many SNK games as possible…thats the goal…so you’ll see more little games…

I can add in Garou on Sunday if we have enough time no problem.

I’ll enter KoFXI, hopefully the US release will bring in some new blood for it!