Hey I saw that there was a tourney for MvC2 at this years NEC. I am going and I was hoping to see if there would be any other people there for Marvel 2. I know Marvel2 is pretty much dead but I know they are having an exhibition or two and I was hoping there would be some kind of Marvel 2 turn out.

Let me know!

MvC2 is not even close to dead. I am hosting the first ever MvC2 Major in NYC on Friday, November 15, 2013 in Flushing, NY. There are over 60 players confirmed: Sanford, Josh 360, IFC Yipes, VDO (Detroit), Xecutioner, WorldMatchue (California), Wolverine-Master, Blackheart Prince, Spyro (#1 player from Puerto Rico), Nestor (Boston, placed top 8 in MvC2 at Evo 2002), Josh Wigfall, Erik Smoothviper, Me (Romneto), EMP Crazy Joe, Hannibal, InfiniteGiver and many more.

The event will be streamed (link in the video info section).

Tournament Info/Registration website:

There will be a double elimination tournament, team tournament, and the first ever live combo competition. I ordered custom trophies for the main tournament and the combo competition, and I ordered 9 medals for the team tournament. There will be a professional photographer at the event. I created event ID badges. There is a projector that will display the important matches and the combo competition on a 8’ by 8’ screen. I am going all out and many of my good friends are making solid contributions as well.

I would like to go to NEC. Though I need to check my availability. Planning/organizing NYCR has consumed virtually all of my time and energy in the past 2 weeks. If I do go to NEC, I will make sure to bring many NYC MvC2 players with me. I will also provide coverage of the event on my youtube.

I am working on a documentary about the MvC2 Community that centers around social interactions between people from a plethora of social and cultural backgrounds. There will be many opportunities at NYCR to record these interactions. I have learned video editing for about 15 years, I studied documentary filmmaking in college, and one of my best friends from college is an award winning documentary filmmaker. He will also be at NYCR recording interviews and capturing quality footage of the event in general.

Hey! I saw the trailer for that tourney and I was so bummed it was so short notice. I can’t take the time off, but if it was on a weekend day it would have been easy. If you do run it every year I will definitely make it to the next one guaranteed.

I hope you can come out it would be great to play against you, I have about 3-4 guys that play Marvel 2 that are coming with us to NEC so I hope there’s some kind of turn out for it. We should play on XBL sometime if you aren’t going to make it to NEC.

Naw man it ain’t dead, a lot of people still play on XBL. I hope Sp00ky gets footage of the side MvC2 tourney. NEC14 is gonna be hype though.

Yea, I know people play online but its just not the same. I hope people turn up for some offline marvel. You going? ^^

Naw I’m not going, I got school and other stuff going on. I’m subscribed to Sp00ky’s channel though so… it’s better than nothing.