NEC match commentarie

haven’t seen em yet, but apparently, there were like 97 hot ass yuns there, lol.

newayz, could be a cool thread.

OH SHIT…Me want!!!

i meant, just talking about the matches…since it’s local talent.

i watched quotes vs gamtime part 2.

Yun(3) vs.Ryu(1)

good job running away and not getting dashed at. you must’ve been nervous, you were playing hella conservative, and not taking advantage of wake up games., but, you played well. your plan worked and that’s what counts.
i saw after you command grabbed him during GJ, that you did the up kicks, then the shoulder…and then another jab shoulder, what were you trying to connect after the second shoulder?..rush punch maybe?

I play a denjin ryu all the time(PJC from team couch), and I really don’t worry as much about his rush down, than say ken’s. I think you could’ve rushed him down in the second match. perticularily after he wiffed a dp in the corner, and you combo’d him, I would’ve went for a cross-up divekick and ended that shit.

we had a setup there they split the AV cables somehow and it was like we had a head to head cabinet or something. At one point, every person waiting to play casuals at the opposite end was a Yun player:shake:

ya, i heard that. he’s popular these days

cocosavage- i ve never even heard of you placing in anything…must be nice…sitting at home having 20/20 hind sight but no evidence to back up your “smarter” decisions…
i ve been seeing alot of you, typing up a storm on SRK and even arguing with exodus, someone who d probably beat you and TGA’s best without breaking a sweat.

nec was the first tourny outside of cf for the two yuns, considering how nervous they were and lack of tourny experience, they did pretty well, i d put money on them over a forum head anyday.
they already know their mistakes, you mentioning it doesn t make you look any better, it makes you look more arrogant than your playing ability can support.

leave them be since you haven t proved any better or put anything out for others to see. they don t even browse the forums except for tourny dates, your speaking to air.

PS- mention 987458745 names again, it would fit so well into this discussion.

I’m kicking all your asses…I actually refrained from saying how shitty you all played., get ready for a loss.

i put 10 on kofiend over coco whats good

Chicken Teriyaki with rice and tempura is good. :tup:

maybe thats what i’ll buy with the 10 bucks i win off whoever takes my sidebet

KOFiend man your Yang is nice…really the best Yang i’ve seen yet…

Youve got some killer setups etc with Yang…esp on wakeup…watching you annihilate people with those setups is badass…