Nebula's CPS3 on Kaillera?

Has anyone gotten nebula’s CPS3 emulator ( to work with kaillera? I ask this because nebula’s cps3 emulator runs way smoother and loads faster than Mame++.

Not yet, but people are waiting on it. I sent an email using that little message box that comes up on the contact page, as I’m sure many others have. If you’re going to do the same, be a good SRKer and mention the option for unfiltered 75% scanlines.

I wouldn’t count on a kaillera-enabled emulator from Elsemi soon because CPX3 seems to be his current priority unfortunately (who the hell uses Xbox for 3S?!).

And it’s not called Nebula. That’s his CPS1/2 and NeoGeo emulator.

This emulator, together with the Kaillera P2P client will be the best thing ever.

Well, more like CPS3 and GGPO will be the best thing ever…

it would allow alot more people to play, that emulator runs on 50% less spec required by mame

Mame++ takes like 3 minutes to load up CPS3 games, and the nebula (temporary name) only takes a second to get going. I never have had a problem with colors or anything.


well…if you want ElSemi to netplay to “CPS3 Emulator,” send your wish there:
Maybe if he sees enough requests he’ll change his mind. But like its been said before…hes working on his CPX3 now…srsly…I cant think of anyone wanting to play 3s on xbox either.

I can only imagine what would happen if this emu went netplay. I hear people say that P2P on mame is great, so P2P on E;semi’s emu=WIN.

Actually, CPS3 emulator + P2P = FTMFW :lovin::wasted:

For the mother fuckin’ win? lol

You’re so right. :clap:

YAY,lol. Anyway, Ii did send an email to Elsemi, hopefully it will happen, I hope so. :lovin:

Same here. Although I wish I could’ve send an email to him much earlier. :sweat: