Nebraska Monthly CVS2 Results - 9/27/02

1st Place - Cameron Buckner (Chun, Blanka, Ryu) P
2nd Place - Datrick Orr (Gief, Rock, Geese) P
3rd Place - Tony Defily - Chicago (Nokururu sp?, Sagat, Terry) P
(Not sure if these were exact teams, just a few that I remember being played in the finals…)

Thats all I remember who placed… Stacy can you post the full results?

I would like to thank Team Chicago for coming out for this month’s tournament. Looked like everyone had a good time and played a lot of good matches. Cameron and Tony was way too close! Lots of good P-Groove action in the finals. Everything got parried. I could of swore for a second they were playing 3s. :lol:

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s 3s 2on2 tourney.

1st-Cameron Buckner "BloodUrien"
2nd-Datrick Orr
3rd-Tony DeFily "#1STUNNER"
4th-Jamarr Lewis
5th-Eric Collazo
5th-Jim LaPoint "Shin Hugo"
7th-Domingo Ayala "Nigga_D"
9th-Terry Bograd
9th-Carlos Robinson
13th-Duan Stephens
13th-Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
13th-Dante T
13th-Andy Bograd

congrats to the winners. If i made a mistake please let me know. Some of the names were hard to read:lol:

Datrick didn’t use Geif in the end, he used Terry, Sagat, and Ryu.
I didn’t use Ryu at all. I used Blanka, Chunli, and Honda. Tony used Ken, Terry, Nakaruru,A groove. The matches were close though. Kenshiro got be by Kris. :lol:

peace out
Super Good

Who cares about this game!

I care shit I only won it. Its hard as hell to use p groove against A