NE wallcade bar steak and egg corona results!

Street Fighter IV teams (21 teams)

1 team assholes rashaan/ andre
2 h8 ness/evil ern
3 team ny art damdai
4 team FIDACK chris/rob
5 team yop tony b/wall
5 team g3 jimmy fong/gabe ong
7 team biscuits asiantom/lucky d
7 team hot fya will/bwiyon

Street Fighter 3s (random wilson style)

1 wall ken/yun
2 colin yun/dudley
wilson needs to post the rest


1 wall/tony
2 min


1 wall (dictator)
2 damdai (Ken, gief, t hawk)
3 Arturo (sim)

I beleive smoothviper first and tony b second wilson needs to post the rest he ran it.

Street Fighter IV (42)

1 Arturo (Sim, seth)
2 Nestor (sagat)
3 rashaan (sim, gief, viper)
4 wall (gouki, rufus)
5 liston (sagat)
5 smoothviper (sagat)
7 Willson (Ken)
7 Andre (bison)
9 Tony B (i saw rufus prolly boxer)
9 Ernest (gief)
9 RobStevens (sagat)
9 Gabe Ong (sagat)
13 Asian Tom (GEN)
13 Damdai (viper gief ken)
13 Bwiyon (honda)
13 CP (Ken)

First I would like to thank heineken for keeping me going through this tourny. Was a great tourny i would like to thank everyone for coming and supporting. Thanks to wilson and gonzalez for helping me run everything. Also thank you to everyone who brought equipment (smooth who wasnt there but lent me a few things, gabe and chris , tony and everyone else thanks)

shout out

liston ,rashaan, smoothviper, andre: thanks for coming guys you fuckin guys are hungry dont sleep ppl SFIV omg too good thanks for coming up. Cant take a day off you might get bodied son. You guys played well thx for the support.

Arturo: thx for coming up your sim is serious no doubt you need to stick to him dont be like the rest of us fools. Too bad you guys couldnt stay we could have had a crack session NY/MA style. :smokin:

damdai: ggs in hdr your ken is annoying both you and art had me could have gone eaither way. As for sf4 you need to find a main and stop hating on the game you can be a beast.

Min and walter: Thx for coming this time i hope you guys had a good time. Ill head out to the BBQ if im not busy.

Tony B: thx for teaming up with me if you picked rog we could have done much much better. Always good to see you get some drinks and games in your still my hero.
Phil you need to come next time so i can take care of you for always taking care of me at tournys.

rob ,Jimmy, Chris and gabe: You guys have to come and practice with us thanks for helping out with equipment also. Gabe your halarious and chris I need some more of that gief practice I let you and ern down being greedy vs rashaan.

Spring feild crew dan,cp,roy,dan,DAN R, justo gonzo: Thx for coming and supporting ill be at gu here and there and come down whenever you want.

Chris FH: Thx for coming man always say your gonna come and play maybe that schools off you will.

Brandon: thx for coming your my boy i need to swing by your crib and stop being an ass.

Shankar: Thanks for coming you should have recorded good looking out on the smoke and obama henny. Lemme know when your in town again.

andy: Thx for showing up always if i wasnt for me being in sfiv i would have got on that kareoke with you and let out the golden pipes. I hope everything works out and u stay in touch.

Gavin: Good to see you and you look good man too bad you stopped playing come buy when we have sessions if you got some free time.

anyone i missed sorry but thank you for making it a success that way i can do another one. also shout outs to all the first timers stick with it street fighter has a long learning curve.

Good shit Paul, I had a great time. Thanks for letting us crash there the night before - learned a lot.

That steak is fucking tops too.

booo to whoever got me sick

it was a good tourney i had fun

oh yeah and fuck u wilson for saying run hdr for a min while i play and then not comin back

good stuff
sf4 is fucking random fuck that game… still cant figure out who i wanna play.

says the 3s player

good shit to everyone i played. i want some runbacks in both CvS2 and in SF4, for sure.

wall - i didn’t mean to leave without saying thanks for the tourney and hospitality but you were passed the fuck out, snoring and all haha. i wanted to stay and practice with you guys but i kinda forgot that i had a ton of shit to do today (mother’s day and all). thanks again and i’ll definitely be down there soon to practice with you guys, probably this weekend if you guys are gonna be around, we’ll see.

3S 1 man 2on2 (16 players)

1st Wall (Yun,Ken)
2nd Shodokan (Yun, Dudley)
3rd Bacardi (Yun,Yang)
4th Tony B
5th IllWill (Yang,Makoto)
5th LuckyD aka skillD

Last Minute MvC2 (8 man)

1st SmoothViper
1st Liston
3rd Tony B
4th Xeriak
5th IllWill / RushedDown
7th Smiley / Shankar

Props to anybody that ran a tourney, wall, gonzales, and ralph but super bad shit to ralph if he didnt finish the bracket or give it to wall so he could go play blitzcuntz and SF the movie.

NYC : good shit on comin out guys we hungry round here so hopefully niggas will come out for the next one cuz we just gonna keep gettin better

Walter and Min : good shit seein u guys show up call phil a bitch for having responsibilities. ill have to come thru at some point soon and hang with spaghetti.

SkillsD : yo i see you now homie. lets get it.

shankar : u a beast always fun when u come down and since u shit on me over it we gonna have to get some people to go kick it in nyc lol

Boston players: listen to wall and show up to his spot to get matches in cuz thats where i get my games in so we can all level up more

GU guys : good shit showin up everybody i like when everybody keeps playin

gonzales: and again good shit runnin sf4 i gotta make sure i thank you cuz the niggas that run the tourneys get no thanks and its such a big burden to have to look for everybody and make sure people are ready and going to play their matches

shits wild i seen so many people at the tourney that i never seen before.
i wish i had more hands so i could give wall 4 thumbs down for eliminating me in the sf4 tourney cuz me and him practice against each other all the time.

and ralph i said “yo do you wanna run this tourney?” and you said “i dont give a fuck” i said “good shit im out i dont like this game”

Heard wall try to fight gief…bad shit

Those are some stacked results.

Good shit Rahsaan/Andre for coming out on top in teams.

Good shit to placers in singles.

That was my second tourney ever and I must say, I had a lot of fucking fun. I definitely need to step up my game (especially in 3S). Props to Wall, Will, and Gonzales for keeping shit as smooth as possible. I’d gladly come up again.

Also, to the guy who beat me with Boxer, I wanna rematch! That match was way too close. Still. I give you props for that.

fuck that u said for a few min lol

Heard you fukin suck thats why you didnt show. :encore:
thank you thank you

Another excellent tourny for the books!

It’s always an exceptional time with good people, great food, and a bar! :slight_smile:
I can’t believe I lost my trees and BOOOOO to you pussy whipped motherfuckers for not showing!

See you all at the next one!

yo man when we play just straight up play your runaway akuma. So far I havent been able to keep up with it. I thought thats what you were gonna do since I just played you recently and thats how you did me up lol. We will get lots of games in. Ill let you know so we can all get together. Thanks for having us it was the best tourney in a while, we had lots of fun.

Everyone else: good seeing you all. Good shit Rob locking up teams for us haha. Ill try to pull my weight next time.


Wall: Awesome tourney, shame I never been up there before. Dont let Will make dumb rules on tourneys again lol. I wanted to play your akuma in sf4 but next time

Will: See above, good shit as always(sorry about the random :stuck_out_tongue: ). Spaghetti says hello (bark)

Worthless: I finally get to put the name to the face, good stuff in HDR

Vigilante: Good shit on the name change

Tony B aka T Rex: wheres my beer? lol

Nes : I let the island down :frowning: . Come down and help my sf4 game out, Min is a horrible teacher


Ralph: We didnt get to play any games in anything :frowning: , not even sf4 the movie

Magno: We didnt get that second pitcher :frowning:

Shady J: thanks for the laughs and getting me and min up there

Min: You suck

Erik: Sagat? Really? Get at me on xbl

Liston: I only got to see you play your match with Andre but that sagat looked scary keep it up

Bwiyon: Bwiyon!

Ed: why didnt you enter anything? Stop myspace pimping, you should come down to grapple sometime I’ll go up to train with you guys one day to

I know I am forgetting names but good shit to everyone that went, tourney was a blast and the food was awesome. Next time I have no excuse to not be there

Good shit to everyone there, learned a lot even going 0-2 in everything. Had a blast, and will def. make it to the next one.

Feel free to add me on PSN if you want, maybe get some matches in. Not a lot of competition in my area, and need to step it up somehow, which I know online is shitty for, but it’s better than just training mode and CPU.

That may apply to me too :sad:

Good shit NY
Oh, I notice that Bacardi shows up to tourneys when I’m not there, I see how you are now, fucker:bluu:

I’ma sneeze on you and give you swine flu:badboy:

I went under the impression you would be there :bluu:

great tourney, mad fun, good food (wings + steak/egg), ran well etc…best one ive been to since i started playing games again. we didnt even need to leave the dungeon it was great! haha

wall: thx for letting us crash the night, we had a blast. good times. and great job runnin the tourneys, and actually letting me play some matches unlike last tourney lol…you failed me losign to gief!!! facepalm

nes : my sensei you failed me and danr. too again i hate you


tonyb: good shit funny times…i also hate you too my dog is still shitting its brains out from that mcd’s hahaha

min: good seeing u again keep it strong and black lol

j.fong: good shit even though you dont play games anymore whipped ass bitch, but we still did pretty good in teams muhahah

art: grats winning and i hate that sim, die…bring back eddie lee and it can be “the old skool playing games when they are old” lol

damdai: good shit nice seeing you again too

gu cats(dhalsim boy, roy, smiley, asiantom, cp, zorin, justo): everyones mad cool, we had fun ass times too…had a blast laughing at everything…

dan.r: youre a fuckin beast i saw u take out that bison…sick resets…jab short jab. train with nes (your sensei) some more and youll be beasting even more…i also hate you for trying to clown on me the rest of the night and trying to take an insurance claim on me. blaming me for you almsot tripping over that flower pot. i had my witnesses smiley and tom.

rob: thats a bad trade lol

bwiyon: well get some prac in some time…ill hafta hit up the casinos and swing by ur pad haha…good laughs…BEEE WEEEE YONNNN

gonz: good job helping wall…you owed him big time…because remember kids, raging demon does not grab blocked headbutts…and its LETTER A B C D…

chris: thx for paying for everything and driving me while i fell asleep sry :slight_smile: hahaha

gg’s to everyone i played…and nice meeting some the new faces

I’ll post up shotouts in a bit… but for now I think it’s hillarious how Arturo was telling us the “50 Cent was scared to money match Justin” story… and today I go to thisis50 and see the video where fif is taking pics with Justin…good shit!

EC barfights was as dope as fuck good shit seeing my new England ppls again. Team hate is too beast never free when I come up there.
I’m kinda lazy on ahoutputs but good shit to wall for being the man, nestor for some damn good matches as usual and props to NEone I played. Good chillin with all of you foos too.
Till next time