Ne Montly:March results

here are the results for Ne montlys in March: Nice matches for the finals and semi finals in every tourny. I have fotage of CvS2,3s and KOF 2k3 tournys. I will have them put online asap. :slight_smile:


1st: Cameron Buckner "BloodUrien"
2nd: Simon Yoo "YooYoung"
3rd: Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
4th: Datrick Orr "Datrick"
5th: David N. "Cue"
5th: Aaron Williams
7th:T ramaine Thomas "shadow_duc"
7th: Lamell
9th: Stacy Kruse "queen of combat"
9th: Kris Gill “lonelyfighter”

1st: David N. "Cue"
2nd: Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
3rd: Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
4th: Datrick Orr "Datrick"
5th: Travis Nible "Klaige"
5th: Aaron Williams
7th: Lamell
7th: Cameron Buckner "BloodUrien"
9th: Simon Yoo "YooYoung"
9th: Eric
9th: Emily
9th: Jeremy


1st: Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
2nd: Datrick Orr "Datrick"
3rd:Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"
4th: David N. "Cue"
5th: Lamell
5th: Luis
7th: Aaron Williams
7th: JC
9th: Scotty
9th: Stacy Kruse "queen of combat"
9th: Marcos

KOF 2k3:
1st: Luis
2nd: Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"
3rd: Datrick Orr"Datrick"
4th: Eddie
5th: Stacy Kruse"queen of combat"
5th: Scotty
7th: Aaron Williams
7th: Marcos

congrats to all the winners:)


High QoC!

Havn’t spoke to you in a while. You prolly don’t remember me. Anyway.

I was enlighted by 50fiftytrap about a Nebraska video site with cool videos. Could you direct me further? :smiley:

Anyway…ummm…hi again!


Hey Chef sup? Death By Aegis has vids of Ne on a site(I think). I have some too of casual Feb 04’ and some of N-cube 02’on my comp already. I will put up the vids that I taped this month as soon as I get what I ordered off of ebay. If you want some of the vids I already have PM me on it. I will see what I can do to get them to you.:slight_smile:

Whoa?? Whers my name at? I took 3rd in CvS2.:confused: :mad: How did ya miss that?

Teams used for CvS2

  1. Jamarr (A ),Geese,Bison,r2Sak
  2. Datrick Orr § Terry,Geese,Ryu,Sagat,r2Rock
  3. Cameron (K) r2Sagat,r2Vice
  4. David (k) Sagat,Ryu,r2Rock
  5. Lamell © r3Zangief,Ryo
  6. Luis (n) ?


  1. Cameron Dudleysa3/Ibukisa1
  2. Simon Kensa3/Dudleysa3
  3. Jamarr Akumasa1/Necro/sa1/Kensa3
  4. Datrick Ryusa3/Alexsa3/Chun sa2
  5. David Hugosa3/ryu/sa3
  6. AAron Makotosa3

Cool tourney. Jason Coles Vice tricks work!:wink: Still not enough for A groove though. Or A Sak that is.:lame: :frowning:
Stacy be sure to correct that problem if ya can.

Biggups to Jamarr for holding it down in CvS2. Datrick looked sharp, I thought he had u.

Biggups to David too in GGXX! NE Slayer Baby!!!

Vice is on da Seen

Cam,there were a few areas of the brackets blank when I got them. Your name was probally one of them missing. I got it straightened out :slight_smile: Next time just PM me on it k?

Will do.:cool: