NDT Weeklies (Sessions) Saturdays @ Gamers Etc. Stockton CA

NDT is finally starting weeklies! So without further adieu lets get down to the nitty gritty.

The weeklies will start at 4 and go till 7:30.

The store will provide the monitors and xboxs. The only problem is games that require DLC. If your desired game requires DLC you need to bring your own console and game. If you want to play on PLAYSTATION bring your OWN and you are golden.


  1. $2 venue fee to help pay for electricity and air.

  2. No open drinks in the game room! This is to keep the setups safe! You dont want to have to buy someone a new system!

  3. Try to keep the environment family friendly it is a store with kids and family coming in.

  4. This is to keep the community hungry and help the growth of our scene. This should go without saying and but I know that we will all be respectful to one another and each-others belongings. (Please don’t screw this up for the scene and respect the venue) Help each-other out. Keep the rotations on the machines to where everyone gets to learn and play and have fun!

That is all. I hope that we can continue to grow as a community and looking forward to seeing new faces. With some dedication we can grow into something even bigger than we are now!

Also if anyone wants to, or is interested in, streaming please let us know. We can work something out to compensate you for your time and efforts.

You can email me at Schmidtnurface@ymail.com with any questions or contact me here on SRK.

I want to encourage people to chime in and let me know what they think about the way things will be ran. Also constructive criticism is a good thing so if you have suggestions on how to approve or accommodate please let me know. I will do what I can.

Since it’s a Saturday, is there any problems with showing up early?

Also, what’s up with the name? I thought we were NorCal ThrowDowns so wouldn’t it be NTD?

Nah we have always been Norcal Downtown Throwdown. I want to start it earlier but for some reason Nicole wanted to start it at 4. I can talk with her and see if we can start earlier because thats also what I want. The more time we get to chill the better.

Bring your own controller?

Always! =)

Sounds dope, glad to have more events. What games are going to be played? I know of course SF4 and MvC3, but will there be love for the hated little brother SFxT or maybe persona?

Well, I can bring an Xbox with KoFXIII with all the DLC characters and unlockable characters.

The games up for play is anything anyone decides to bring. This isnt a tournament but a session to encourage growth in the community. Bring whatever you want to play and see grow. =) I will bring persona for sure. My copy of SSFIV AE got lost so I am just gunna buy that 25 anniversary edition when it comes out until then I only have SSFIVAE and Persona on PS3.

Yo sessions are tomorrow and I hope that a lot of you show and support the community. There will be times I cannot make it! This is one of them BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON, so this is the deal. You feel free to use the setups provided or the ones you brought as normal. Just respect the venue. If there are questions call me. 209-810-1005.

Imma see if I show up early, like around 3 so I can set up my PS3 with a bunch of games on it. However, I expect mostly Persona playing on it.

GGs, I’m no good at Marvel. KoF is very lonely :frowning:

How was the turnout. I know that a lot of people couldnt make it this time me included but dont get discouraged we will keep growing! I have no free saturdays until the end of the month, Kids Bday on the 8th and helping grandma move on the 15th but might be done before the hangout.

About 8 or 9.

was there a cool amount of marvel players??? i’m down to bring a set-up just might need another stick (360)

Well thats not horrible. Its better than none. Lets keep it up and it will get bigger. =)

Everyone but Mike was playing Marvel.

nice! i’ma try to make it to the next one if possible then. that’s the only game i’m tryna get down in lol

what time do they close on saturdays??? why 7:30?

So nobody was playing AE? I was at sac-anime playing in the tourney, so I didn’t get to go to this, but maybe when time is free I can try.