NC1000ch Noise Cancelling Headphones ($50) and some Wii remotes

I have a few random things I would like to sell for the Wii.

Flingsmash Brand new and sealed $20 shipped
Wii Remotes (standard white)- $17.50 each shipped
Wii Remote Plus (Black, Brand new)- $30 shipped
Wii Nunchuck- $12 shipped
Classic Controller- $12 shipped

Ableplanet NC1000ch Headphones

I got these for a trip not too long ago and am now looking for something new. These are the nc1000ch headphones which are the higher end noice cancelling model (not the true fidelity model). I have everything included that came in the box including the warranty card, airplane adapter, cable, etc. MSRP ranges from $250-300some. I am looking for $50 shipped within the U.S.

Tiffany necklace, etc sold. Now for some Wii stuff…

Dropped the price of the headphones

Snap these up ppl, now you can be like Daigo!