New thread, get to it.

OK well let me start by replying to something said in the last thread

So Durham is gonna be raping in TTT2, so everyone is gonna be free? And Charlotte is gonna be there too?



hmmmm last I checked I dont live in either of those cities so who from either of them is gonna be able to beat ME? Go ahead and line them up so I can knock them down.



Messed around in GG today then it hit me…I currently the best GG player in the state if not second to Garrett since no one else is playomg that game. Come back Austin! We need more GG players! P4A is taking over! :frowning:

GG is a radioactive topic. Stay off of it before you get fire-stormed by the usual suspects.

You have Matt who was best May in the country and Blake who has the best HOS in the country. MadTeaParty has an amazing Chipp. You also have James who has the second best Random Sol in the world next to Kusoru… =)

please tell me youre trolling…this could get very bad. im just gonna go sit in my corner and watch.

also TTT2 is AMAZING!!!

Oh, if only I had a PS2 stick…

Man no dick riding, but i miss seeing you play Sol-Bad Guy. Shit was exciting.

Just showing my face. Miss you guys… At least the 2008-2010 part of NC :smiley:

Also, play cross Tekken. It’s good.

FINALLY got a new thread. I guess that old one was the longest lasting NC thread like… ever.

This weekend was good for me. Won Skullgirls and Persona at MLG and got signed by EMP. Maybe our guys at Summerjam will make a ripple too.

I’m looking forward to some GG when that comes out. Although I think I’ll put more time into Persona still since it seems to have more momentum for the moment. THink I’ll be dabbling in VF and TTT2 in a bit as well. I do so want to beat Demo lol <3

We miss you too. Hope everything is going well on your side of the computer.

And Jon congrats on the sponsorship. Go represent!!!

Congrats Jon! No one put in more work then you and you deserve it!

Wow, that’s something else.

Good job Jon. Seriously. Youve put in a LOT of work in the past few years and hopefully this development takes you far.

But as far as you…beating me in Tekken


lol a man’s gotta dream, right???

Good games in KOF and P4A tonight! There’s no way NC can just sleep on KOF. Its too good!

Managed to make it out the final day of MLG Raleigh, but instead of Tag2 it was P4A that got me hooked. Haven’t had much time to practice and play T6, so I knew after a few matches I was wasting time by not getting around to practicing the basics like Tag Bound. Plus with Tag2 around the corner I figured I just worry about grinding out when I get the game since everything is pretty much going to change. I did confirm my team though, but the Mishimas are a BEAST in that game. A secondary team just sounds like a waste to me, but honestly I feel like studying up on that game like I have finals on it next week.

Now this Persona business, that game is FUN! Will it stay will it go, I actually thought about for a minute. Then after another minute I just didn’t care. Was gonna play and enjoy the game now. Might enter sometime at WNB, but for now it’ll be nothing but casuals until I actually get a personal copy I can sit down and practice with. Which means more time to play VF5:FS. :slight_smile:

i often dream of beating you in Marvel or Matt in GG…and then the dream turns into a nightmare

See i turn my dreams to reality! Im playing games today! Hit me up if your trying to play some KOF/P4A!