NBA Jam is making a comeback...again

According to that they have Mark Turmell overseeing the project so that means good things. At this time nobody knows if Tim Kitzrow is the announcer but if he is then the game automatically wins. I’m hoping it’s more like Hang Time/Showtime with the current NBA Roster. And the article is a good read about some secrets about the series as well.

Brings back memories. I used to blow a gasket when I’d sky for a dunk only to be pushed as I approached the rim. It was all about the Pippen and BJ Armstrong team.

I was wondering when NBA Jam would be coming back. I knew it was only a matter of time really.

Man the good ol days with NBA Jam TE on my Genesis! Good times. "Throws it up! RAZZLE DAZZLE!!!:amazed::woot::china:

Genesis? SNES right here. Is this more like a remake or a sequel? I haven’t played a sports game in a while, this might hopefully rekindle my interest.

I always felt that the NBA Street series was a good spiritual successor to NBA Jam. I never actually played it, but I’d watch my cousins play and I really liked the crazy dunks and dribbling tricks. I don’t know how good the controls were or how good of a game it was, but it was certainly entertaining to watch.

NBA jam for wii only sounds like a virtual console port… which is cool and all, but a real next gen game would be better, imo.

I don’t remember Will Smith being unlockable in the game.


is it racist that i pictured a bunch of black kids just brawling

wtf, wii only? man that is some ol bullshiz.

The epitome was NBA Hangtime for the Nintendo 64. About four or five players, a ton of stats, custom characters.

Fuck Showtime, the characters were clunky, the game was slow and it just didn’t have the smoothness that Hangtime had.

Seriously, Hangtime was the best. The intro song alone > *.

OoooOoohhh, whachoo gonna dooo, Hangtime y’all

Monster jam!!! Hes on fire!!!

This so unexpected, it like it is FROM DOWNTOWN!!!

As much as I love basketball, I have never owned a sports videogame after my Sega years. When this becomes a reality, I’m in. Reminds us of a simpler time, no?

Me and my college roommate threw down @ Maximum Hangtime on my laptop often. GGs

oh man , I hope its like Maximum Hangtime, that game was awesome, when they added fouls to the game with…I think it was Showtime on NBC, that defeated the whole reason to play the game. I hope they have all the same customizable aspects of the create a player mode, I need to play my basketbal headed character again.

I believe he and Jazzy Jeff were availible in Tournament Edition on Sega and Super Nintendo. Subzero and Scorpian were in the Arcade version of that game.

Hope to get wifi with this one.

I still play Hangtime on SNES to this day, it would be nice to see Jam/Hangtime done proper for the next-gen.

nba jam on xbox failed pretty bad


Boomshakalaka. This shit might be on fire as they hired the original developer (yes it was only 1 dude)