Nature is just Full of Wonders - Julia Gem Thread

Well, with the advent of the 25th anniversary tournament allowing the use of gems (within certain rulesets), and gems overall becoming easier to use (with preparation).

Personally, I use a mix of Power Boosting Gems and some fortitude gems. However, the activation aspect of the gems, I’m not 100% on quite yet.

What are everyone’s opinions on what gems Julia should use?

I have 2 meter build gems for them blocking so many attacks and 20% power gem on super (which she’s gonna be using a lot to punish -1 > stuff)

I have a few sets saved, though once again I’m not at home to look it up at the moment. XD

If I recall though, my main set for her (since I use her primarily as an anchor to Cammy and Juri) is all power gems. One is the 20% boost on launch IIRC, the 20% super boost for the same reason Fergus has, and I believe the original Pandora 30% gem for Pandora punish (that plus the super gem activating at the same time is pretty stupid damage).

The other power set I use drops the Pandora gem for “Connect with X normal moves” (can’t recall if it’s 4 or 5).

On the rare occasion I have her on point (usually with Law, Nina or Lili anchors), it’s all meter gems, usually one for launching, one for partner’s launch (so that if my partner runs out of meter or has to come back in off of a launch, Julia can start hoarding again), and one for blocking X amount of times.

I usually use these same setups for all my characters as well.

Also have the standard Pandora Extend/Power 2-gem setup for Pandora gimmicks in my backpocket saved as well, lol.

If your not Motivated your not doing it right…jk jk but those Gems are hella good with Juila tho >_>’