Nasty cross ups with Deejay

Below is a video i did on my iphone 4 so im sorry for the poor quality. It shows how dj typically will not cross a crouching opponent in the corner. most of the time you will land in front of the opponent, other times you will whiff. you can play mind games by using jumping RH to cross up the opponent. This also works mid screen but is insanely more trickier to pull off. I did however leave you the distance from which it will work :. Enjoy.


Its like deejay is telling me about deejay. :slight_smile:

good to know about that cross up. but it seems to only work if the opponent is crouching as you jump in. which really wont happen.

lol… i have the vid of me doing it mid screen actually. i sent both of them to srk. hopefully they put it up. ill be working on it to make it more ambiguous on the opponents wake up.

If they’re crouching doesn’t a jump in attack hit them anyways? Why does it matter if it’s a crossup or not. I thought you have to block high to even block a jump in at all.

ture scooper. but the point i was trying to illustrate was that u can get behind them in a situation where they opponent knows u shouldnt be able to to. i have the vid of me doing it mid screen on youtube u can view it there.

Jumping roundhouse crossing up is sweet

My point is it doesn’t matter if you hit them with a crossup or not because if they’re crouching you’ll hit them no matter what side they block. Besides, that mid screen example only worked 2 out of the 9 times you tried it so it’s not exactaly reliable and even if it worked 10 out of 10 times I don’t see the benifit of doing it.

Sorry, I don’t wanna crap on it. I respect the science of you trying to find new things out with DJ. I love that. But I don’t think this discovery is worthwhile. Now if this setup worked while the opponent was standing up then it really would be a cool discovery.

Did not thinknof it that way

Anything that leads to mind fucking your opponent on the direction you’re landing is useful, whether as a straight forward attack or to train them to set up something else. Just because somebody got caught holding down back doesn’t meant in their mind they didn’t WANT to be standing up.

What if the next situation he does an early knee shot that wiffs and it baits a wrong reaction from the opponent. Is that useless?