Nassau Bahamas SF4 Players...UNITE!

Looking for Bahamas players to get a scene going locally. Start out here in the forum for a meet and greet then take it to XBL or PSN to start some matches.

End result is looking to get some online tournaments then possibly before end of the summer a Bar Fights type of event with a local tournament if it takes off.

XBL handle is RoughChimera get at me here or there…


SF4 Bahamas Players

get at me, here or on XBL RoughChimera, lets get a scene going. Already got one other player who is pretty good. Lets make this happen!

ok guys lets try this again. All SF4:AE, or SFxT players who want to help start a community reply in this thread. looking for online battles first then hopefully barfights. We can do this guys, lets make it happen Bahamas!

I like this, don’t lose hope, I will be ‘home’ in june if you have a local meetup would like to come down. where i am in the UK there are only about 8 locals, same population density as Nassau. But we do have the benefit of the larger scenes around. not to bash srk but in the grand scheme of Nassau it has no relevance. Try find popular Bahamanian forums, get retweets and start a FB page like “street fighter preston” (google it) which is my local now. . When i was there and looking for other online gamers cable bahamas forum was ok, check if there is a steam group of bahamanian gamer’s, which is a starting point to potentially finding fighting game players plus if you only play SF those are both on PC.

heyyy dude im in nassau and i bin really lookin for locals to play for quite sometime now to no avail,im on psn TOBIRAMA_SENJUU so if ya do hav a ps hit me up or sumthin cuz i would really like to c this thing get off the ground as well

any update to this/more players?

Lets get it in, add me up on the psn, sands_6703… I play all of them games, injustice, mk9, street fighter ae 2012, kof 13, ttt2, stxt…