Nash Season 2 - Are you a quitter or sitter?

you mained nash in season two?
then feel free to post here if you will stick with him, add aditional chars or move on completely.

i for myself branched already out in season1 so i will add aditional chars but stick to
him and try to adapt to his “new” forced playstyle.

whats with you guys? feel free to post which chars you wanna add or move on to.

Sticking with him, he doest seem to bad just had things messed with at didn’t need to be messed with. Like HP no one complained about his HP being to good but yet it got hit.

Personally, I feel like people just need to adjust to the new Nash. I don’t think he’s “Dead” or “Ruined”, but I do agree that a few things were nerfed that didn’t need to be nerfed. At the moment, I’m practicing Juri because she was my main in SF4 and she got some pretty good buffs in Season 2, but I’m still going to use Nash.

I still playing with Nash until Rose, Rolento or Cody arrive to the roster hehe. I saw this video of Liang and Nash is still very effective, is not dead to me.

I’m leaving Nash on my list of “backups,” but to be honest… probably not going to bother. Been a Gouki main for literally most of my life (pushing 30) and really only picked up Nash to begin with because he was the most interesting character to me out of what was available in S1. But good grief, he got beat up. Gouki has his own very, very obvious problems as well so I’ll unfortunately definitely have to develop a solid backup, but Nash can’t really help me with Gouki’s problems. There are a few problems that make me second guess bothering to apply the effort for Gouki as it is, but that same feeling is exactly what Nash gives off now as well.

Although, TBH, nobody else on the roster interests me enough to bother with them as a serious backup either. I’m kind of hoping one of the “new” characters will give me a true backup, at which point Nash will be completely dead for me until, hopefully, S3 when maybe Capcom will realize that Nash had already been generally figured out in S1 and never needed nerfing to begin with.

I’m convinced that Nash is still pretty viable, after watching Bonchan’s set vs Nemo. Now is a matter of knowing more your spacing and realizing that backdash and mk scythe can’t be spammed anymore.

Still gonna rock him

I’ve stuck by him purely because I enjoy playing him and out of the entire roster he is the funnest character for me. I do believe he is now one of the most honest characters in the game and has to work very hard for the win. He is a good character but it’s just hard to compete against characters like Laura, Guile and Urien, especially when your only defensive option is to block/guess. Nash’s frame trap and corner pressure is even stronger this season though so that’s a plus.

I’ve been dabbling with other characters but I think I’ll always play Nash as my main. Hopefully season 2 is as rock bottom as it gets for Nash and he gets ridiculous buffs for season 3 haha. Just imagine how good an invincible EX SS would be when you have full v trigger sitting there mwuhahaha.