Nash - Season 03 - Balance Changes INFO / DISCUSSION

I create this thread so that you guys have a place to share/discuss season 3 tech/balance changes for Nash.

Capcom Patchnotes:



Dragon Suplex: Damage increased from 120 to 130

Target Down: Damage increased from 130 to 140

Air Jack: Damage increased from 130 to 140

Standing MK: Increased active framed from 3F to 4F

Standing HK: Changed the hitbox and hurtbox / Damage increased from 80 to 90

Standing LP, Crouching LP, Jumping HK: Changed the hurtbox

Crouching MP, Jumping HP: Changed the hurtbox and hitbox

Crouching MK: Reduced the hitbox / Increased the recovery from 15F to 17F (No changes to advantage/disadvantage)

Spinning Back Knuckle: Changed the hitbox

Bullet Combination: Changed the status on hit / Increased the V-Gauge meter gain on hit

EX Sonic Boom: Changed so that the strength of the additional button pressed will control the speed of the second Sonic Boom

EX Sonic Scythe, Judgement Saber: Eased the air combo count

SFV AE - Nash V-Trigger 2 Setups and Combos

SFV AE - Early Nash V-Trigger 2 Compiled Tech and Combos

VT2 looking sick so far. I hoep Bonchan actually manages to put it in action.

there’s a video of Bonchan using VT2 but he has no idea how to use it yet so it’s not worth posting.

VT2’s dash and cancel is so far its most important use. you can extend combos with it but it scales heavily. for example, ending with m/h sonic scythe xx VT2 cancel, any kick, HOLDING FORWARD and punch, juggle with CA. at the very least doing this extender pushes the opponent to the other side of the screen and leaves you with enough VT meter to go for one more dash.

is he still sticking to nash?

he seems to be, at least for the time being.

he’s sticking to Nash indeed, but it seems he’s already dropping VT2…

i wouldn’t be surprised if he picked it up again. it didn’t seem like he even tested it in training mode and was just learning it on the fly. he doesn’t combo into Justice Corridor because he probably doesn’t know that you have to hold forward to make Nash move forward during the move. i’m sure he’s going to use it some more because it’s actually a pretty decent VT.

is it just me or is the timing on VT2 rly strict with those stops during VT2 and then trying to go for another hit confirm?
just had some time to hit the lab today with AE while trying to get down some of these combos

might help to see whats doable, not sure about how strict things are. didnt labbed with him so far.

it looks stylish but i am not sure if the damage output is worth the effort in comparison to vt1 :pensive:

Infiltration doing a 100% stun setup with Nash using VT2

was comboing into super from a hk SS in the corner something already possible in other seasons? Bonchan does it in this video at 1:56

i cant remember that i ever did it in season 1 which in itself doesnt mean it wasnt possible. :pensive:

I’ve been practicing this, just because it looks cool, I have no idea how to test when cross up and I’m aware you are really negative if they block the Justice Corridor and maybe they can throw you out of it.

Can someone give me some pointers on how this works and how practical really is?

i think it’s useful but don’t use the JC every time. it crosses up only from that side while holding back, so eventually they’ll learn to always block it so mix up with throw or meaty normal.