Nash adjustments/buffs

List things you would like to possibly see for Nash in season 2.

F+lk to go air born/over lows from frame 6 onward. So it can be more useful against lows after a set up. to have 3 frame start up. It would be more useful since it has less range than all his other lights. Also this would allow better follow ups/pressure after F+lk. to be 7 frames and +1 on hit or as is but +2 on hit. That or possibly make it cancel. With these buffs it can at least pester better or give nash a way to threaten low.

F+mk frame 9 onward is air born (maybe 10 startup?) It is a similar issue to f+lk but not quite as bad.

HP. - Back to 7 frames start up.

F+HP - Less negative on hit and block -10. Slightly faster start up.

V-trigger returned to season one version or made to work more similarly to it.
V-reversal to either go back to season one version or to recover much faster. Since it now positions nash very close to his opponent, leaving him open for a long amount of time making in ineffective.

Dash - Fixed so pressure can still be applied after hard knock down throws like air throw and Ex.Tragedy Assault like in season 1. Double dash pressure is gone in season 2 in these cases.

Sonic Scythe - Mk. Either -8 and current season 2 push back or -10 and old season 1 push back. Both push back nerf and on block-10 are to much. Ex.Sonic Scythe Throw invincibility and Hit boxes from season 1.

Sonic Booms slightly better recovery across the board.

Moon Slashs- Slightly better start up across the board. Also back to season 1, 70 damage ,130 on Ex.Moon Slash and one hurt box. Also adjust the move so when CC lands you can hit linked to more reliablely. The main combo this was used for was nerfed when Hk.Scythe got nerfed which was enough to lower nashes combo damage.

Tragedy Assaults- Better start up on L,M,H (definitely H) and Counter Hit damage/property applied to all(it currently doesnt add damage bonus on CH). Lp. Meter gain Changed to 1/4 and 10 more damage. Hp. 150 damage. Ex.Tragedy Assault Fireball invincibility on frames 3-10 and buff the health return(x2 or 3x the amount)or leave the current health drain and in addition take 1 V-gauge from the opponent.

I definitely agree with the st.LK buff, and I’d love better startups for Tragedy Assaults. They are VERY niche at the moment. Fierce TA is good when you get a hard read on a fullscreen fireball, but even then it feels like I’m getting away with murder. Also the rewards should be buffed imo, to make opponents fear TA. Fireball invincibility for the EX version is asking for a lot, but I think it used to be that way in beta, so maybe.

Ex.Tragedy Assault wouldn’t be full Fireball invincibility just the first 6 (i took a guess on the amount and timing of the frames). The idea would be to keep him from starting the move and getting well in to his jump frames only to get hit in the toe by a projectile. You really think that would be to much(not being an ass, asking forreal)?