Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.0 - Storm 4 Is Out! (PS4/Xbox One)

** Welcome to the Ultimate Ninja Storm Thread.**

Storm 4 Announcement Trailer

Gameplay Footage:


**(Updated: 2/2/2016)

Welcome to the thread. This is the place to discuss everything Ultimate Ninja Storm related. Matchmaking, team building, strategy and meta discussion will all be done through here. As the game comes closer to launch day, I’ll be updating this OP with new information which includes but is not limited to: videos of competitive play, general entry-level information, active player list, character information, and so on and so forth. Check back on a regular basis to see if any new info has been added!

In the posts below, you will find an extensive beginner’s guide that details everything you need to know when it comes to learning the ins and outs of Ultimate Ninja Storm’s mechanics, as well as a video list that details some information on each individual character. Once UNS4 has released, expect some of this information to change. There have been many changes to not only each individual character but to most of the system mechanics in general that were set in place upon the release of Revolution.

A lot of changes have been made in the transition from Revolution to UNS4. Here’s a list of specifics we know have changed so far:

Ultimate Jutsu is now referred to as “Secret Technique”.
Combination Ultimate Jutsu is now referred to as “Team Secret Technique”.

[Gameplay Changes]

All types are combined into one - Secret Technique, Awakening and Support drive can all be used within the same battle.
Counter attack adjustment - CA no longer causes stun only knockback.
Chakra dash can be charged - This does increased damage to one’s guard.
Leader change system - You can switch between characters in your party (Health is shared between the entire party)
Elemental effects - Fire will burn an opponent and do damage over time. Lightning/Water will react to water on the map to increase its damage.
Tilts can possibly be used in the air - needs more confirmation as Madara is the only one I’ve seen attempt it.
A yellow mist will envelope your characters when Storm gauge is more than 50%
Matches are round based - Win 2 rounds to win the match.
Armor Break - characters armor can be broken which will increase their attack as well as decrease their defense.
Jutsu and Secret Technique selection
You can continue to attack your opponent after they have been defeated between rounds.
Melee combo cannot be canceled into shuriken
Everyone, except Sasuke, uses a substitution log (This will most likely change I just found it funny)

Team Awakening - Team awakening will occur after triggering awakening with 100% Storm gauge.
Instant awakening has been removed
Awakening Actions - AAs are now mapped to the item slots and a character can have as much as 4.

Secret Technique:
Secret Technique and Team Secret Technique can be used within the same match - credits to Harurisu
Team Secret Technique is no longer available at the start of the match - Team secret techniques are now triggered the way Team Ultimates were (chakra load x3 + attack button with >60% chakra and 100% Storm gauge).

New support action “Charge Assist” - Teammate will increase your chakra recovery speed when they jump unto the field.
Support characters no longer have hp bars.
Guard type support adjustment - “Dash cut” guard support action removed.
Attack type support adjustment - “Ground combo” support action removed.
Balance type support adjustment - This type has seemingly been split into two (I will put placeholder names):
STS (Secret Technique Substitution) Balance Type - Support will protect you from a Secret Technique when you have >50% Storm gauge and that Support is available.
CF (Cover Fire) Balance Type - Support will throw shuriken when you throw a chakra shuriken.
Strikebacks can be countered by a support character
Support types are locked to characters:
Kakashi = Guard
Hanabi = Attack
Naruto = Attack
Obito = CF Balance
Madara = Attack
Sakura = Charge Assist
Hinata = Charge assist
Sasuke = CF Balance
Neiji - STS Balance[/details]

(Thanks goes to @Reiji and @Geese Pants for various information and videos)

Here’s also a pretty insightful video that demonstrates a lot of the specific changes the game has undergone in terms of the mechanics:

(Skip to 2:40 for the system changes)


Phantom Angel: PhantomSRK
ForsakenM~: ForsakenM

Xbox 360


The Martian: Shadaloo_Martian

Xbox One

An Overview of Basic Game Principles, and General Beginner Tips, (Version 2.0) (2/3/2016)

First off, let’s give off some very needed context about Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

Revolution, the UNS game that released before 4, introduced a TON of changes to the system mechanics that changed a lot about the meta. This change was mostly represented by the introduction of “Drive Types”, ala CvS2 Groove Selections. In previous games, these three Drive Types were benefits that were available to every single character in the game. There was no need to select between these “grooves” and formulate your playstyle accordingly. In Revolution, they changed how you would need to approach certain matchups, and it also changed a lot of people’s opinions on characters and their viability in terms of balancing. In addition, and probably inadvertently on CC2’s part, these grooves also added a unique sense of depth and uniqueness to each character as an individual. A parry system was also introduced into the game.

All of these changes have been removed in Storm 4.

Well, let me put it a little more accurately. All these changes that Revolution brought forth, have been abandoned or changed in favor of the traditional system mechanics that the past games had followed. This is huge because now instead of choosing a groove and being stuck with a select amount of benefits throughout the fight, every character can take full advantage of every Drive Type advantage at once. That means everyone can use Supers, everyone can use an Awakening, and everyone can use their assist characters in a multitude of ways. Don’t worry, I’ll go into the specific aspects and benefits of Drive Abilities (supers, Awakenings, Assist Types, ect ect), but first it’s important we establish what a UNS game actually is.

So. What The Fuck Is Ultimate Ninja Storm, Exactly?

When you’re first getting into a UNS game, something you have to keep in mind is that it doesn’t work like any other fighter in existence. Sure, there’s a lot of common fighting-game knowledge you can apply here and there that applies to dozens of other games, but for the most part you’re going to have to abandon the norms and get into the mindset this game wants you to operate under.

This game is 40% Yomi, and 60% high-speed resource management. Let me explain what I mean by these two things, because they are the two most important and basic factors to understanding how this game’s meta works.

When I say resource management, it’s actually a lot more literal than you’d think. Think about it. When you fight in this game, what are you doing? Trying to get off one frame links? FADC combos? Roman cancels? No, you are trying to outsmart your opponent at lightening quick speeds by forcing them to make bad decisions and use up THEIR resources while at the same time conserving as much of YOUR resources as you possibly can. The lack of a deep and complicated execution barrier boils the game down to this basic principle. You want to make sure your opponent can’t sub out of your attacks, and you want to be able to keep them on their toes while also intelligently making use of your own subs.

Yomi, which is the art of mind games and trying to be two steps ahead of your opponent, is where this game really shines though. This is where the newcomers are REALLY separated from those who actually understand how these games work. Have you ever watched someone who understands the game on a very intimate level fight someone who knows next to nothing about how the game’s meta works? You can learn 100% combos, have the best reaction time and the most incredible strategies in the world…but it simply won’t matter against someone who has better Yomi than you do because they can break your playstyle down and destroy you like it’s nothing. It’s not because they necessarily have better execution than you, or because the important mechanics of the game are hidden behind an execution barrier, or because they’re picking top tier.

This game is a true test of your understanding of its meta and underlying mechanics, vs another’s understanding. And in my honest opinion, that’s really what more fighters should place the focus on. Not to say execution-heavy games are bad or not fun, but there’s an extent. Things like FADC combos and Roman Cancels are simply unnecessary.

But, I digress.

Now that (I hope) I’ve given you some insight towards the basic principles of the game, I’ll get into some more tangible stuff. General beginner tips regarding the cast, mechanics, and so on and so forth.

-Chakra dashing is literally one of your most important and crucial tools. You NEED to learn how it works, where it doesn’t work and what it’s for. Surely, you’ve noticed the most common and useful function it serves is to put your opponent in hitstun after they sub one of your attacks, which you then lead into some form of attack. How you attack at this point is really just dependent on the situation, but know that you have so many options that vary from character to character. Some people like to go into a grab, some have jutsu’s that are fast and safe enough to be used, some can even get their tilt attacks out. But the most common response at this point in an attack is to just lead into a B/Circle (depending on which console you’re playing) combo and then rinse and repeat.

-Chakra dashing is also usually how you’re going to be maximizing your damage potential, seeing as how it’s virtually your sole means of cancelling an attack. Learn your character to see how exactly their various combos work (there are Up, Down and Side combos. So three for every character) and when you should be chakra cancelling during said combo

-Pick assists with synergy. You’ll have to just experiment yourself to see who works well with who.

-Study your character’s tilt attacks. These are performed by flicking the left stick and then following up instantly with B or Circle. Every single character has a unique tilt, and some of them are even immensely useful (i.e, Itachi’s, Minato’s, Kabuto’s, EMS Sasuke…) and can often be combo’d into.

-Learn what jutsu’s beat out what jutsu’s. One big rule of thumb is that if a jutsu that uses your own body as a part of the attack (i.e, Naruto’s Rasengan) goes up against a jutsu which is more projectile-like (i.e., Sasuke’s Ametarasu) then Naruto would lose out and eat huge damage in that scenario. It takes a little while to learn what jutsu everyone uses, but eventually it just starts becoming a matter of common sense. Keep in mind as well: in Storm 4, jutsu’s can also change and become more powerful depending on the environment they’re performed in. i.e, if Zabuza uses Water Dragon Jutsu while standing in a puddle, it will increase in damage and ferocity. Some moves now also apply burning and lightning effects, which apply damage over time.

-Parries are no longer a mechanic like they were in Revolution, meaning you can plan a lot more powerful of an offense on average. Parries now cause knockback instead of stun, so shield breaking becomes a lot easier now that this mechanic has been altered, which forces you to be smart while blocking while also allowing a player on the offense to apply more consistent pressure, as it should be. No longer do you have to worry about dashing into 10 seconds of stun, or getting punished for attacking while your opponent is sitting in neutral stance.

-Instead of one battle to decide the winner, matches are now done in a “Best of 3” format similar to Vampire Savior or Killer Instinct. If you lose the first round, you will gain your second round of health and the opponent’s health will remain the same as it was last round until defeated. Whether or not you find this change to be good or bad, it undeniably allows both players a lot more leg room when trying to figure out their opponents. The first round is used to feel each other out, the middle round lets players make changes accordingly, and the final round allows for a climatic clash of two players who have hopefully by now adapted to each other’s tricks. Utilize this change, because it’s important. No longer will your opponent’s strategy be a mystery to you until it’s already too late: you now have a chance to get the runback and apply the things you’ve learned in a separate round.

Now, for a detailed breakdown of the more intimate mechanics in the game. Let’s start with this game’s equivalent to Supers/Ultras.

Secret Techniques

This ability allows your character (or team, if in Team Battles) to do a “Secret Technique Attack”, which is basically an extremely damaging super at the trade-off of usually being fairly easy to avoid. In Revolution, these attacks received a universal damage nerf because they were so easy to land on the opponent. This has changed now, and while the damage isn’t as extensive as it was in say UNS3 or 2 it does a lot closer to the amount that it did in those previous games. It’s also important to note that some teams have unique Team Ultimate Jutsu’s which change the animations entirely. Study which teams work together to see how they differ. Learn how to combo into your character’s super as well; it’ll be important to know once your opponent is out of subs because you can land MASSIVE damage.


These allow your character to switch between two forms, sometimes changing their moves but always giving them a speed and strength boost. It’s similar to Street Fighter V’s V-Trigger Mechanic, but with much more devastating and lasting effects. Your opponents should be scared to block your combos because you do a massively increased amount of shield damage. Take advantage of this. Awakenings usually last no longer than 20 seconds or so. You have to learn to optimize your damage output and apply as much pressure as humanly possible to give you the biggest edge over your opponent. Usually, when a character awakens, they also gain access to specific “Awakening Abilities” that normally aren’t available to them, but are very powerful. These actions used to be mapped to L1/R1 (or Right Bumper and Left Bumper if you’re on Xbox) but are now mapped to the 4-way D-Pad icon that is usually reserved for ninja items.

It is also important to note that many Awakenings increase the player’s size, which might sound like a good thing, but can often end up backfiring against the player. Especially if you’re low on subs. Often times, characters have fast and rapid attacks that will still put you in hitstun even if your Awakening makes you larger. This means that you are simply a bigger target for the other player to hit, and if they can get you down to zero subs while in this form you might as well kiss a large portion of your health goodbye. Learn the startup frames for your character’s normals in Awakening Mode and it’ll go a long way.

*** Support Types***

Oh boy. This has undergone some major changes.

Support types, which dictate the actions and purpose of an assist character in battle, have been changed completely and now work differently than they have in any other UNS game. Previously, you would be forced to pick between three types: Guard, Attack, and Balance. Assists would behave according to the type of Support you chose. Their names should be self-explanatory in itself, with Balance being a combination of the first two.

Now, every single character you can pick as an assist has a specific function in battle. You can tell by looking at the icon placed on them when selecting all of your characters. These are the various effects your assists can have:

Strikeback: after knock back, opponent bounces back before your feet, allows you to extend your combo or UJ.
Cover Fire: if you use chakra shuriken, your support will too
Carge Assist: Allows you to charge chakra faster
Break Guard: Support assist you with combos while attacking
Charge Guard: Support covers you while charging chakra
Secret Technique Substitute: Support will take a super for you, if it would have hit you
Dash Cut: Support will cover you, when the opponent dashes at you

You will need to study these abilities in battle and find out what works best for your team’s synergy. I actually like this change because it makes every assist feel more unique than they already did, and now choosing assist character will require careful calculation to get EXACTLY what you want out of your team. You not only have to take into consideration the move your assist will perform when you call them out, but also how their Support Ability will benefit you and if it even will benefit your team’s playstyle.

For instance. You want to play keepaway? It probably wouldn’t hurt to have a Charge Guard or ST Substitute assist on your team. You wanna play super offensively and apply constant pressure? It’d be a good idea to take along a Break Guard type character so they can add damage onto your combos. So on and so forth. It will probably take a lot of experimentation and ass kickings before you find a team you really like. The trial and error is necessary though, and is also part of the fun.

That’s a good portion of the basics, off the top of my head. I can’t really think of anything else I really need to go over at the moment. Simply playing and learning how shit works is gonna be the biggest part of leveling up in this game. Just be ready to accept defeat fairly often when you’re first starting out, it’s all a part of the process. Learn from mistakes and start understanding why the shit that happens, happens. It all starts molding together and becoming easier to comprehend the more you see different things happen.

In regards to the character breakdown videos below, I will be testing the characters individually once the game releases to see if the information within them is still accurate. If a character hasn’t received changes in Storm 4 that makes their corresponding video inaccurate, then I won’t remove it. If the information happens to be outdated, the video will be removed and replaced with an updated version ASAP.

Character Breakdown Videos, by Character





War Obito


Sage Hashirama




Fan Madara


Kamui Kakashi


Mecha Naruto




Edo Tensei Minato




(NEW) EMS Sasuke


Chakra Cloak Naruto




Four Edo Kages


The only Naruto fighter I’ve played/owned is NS2. Hard learning curve without a manual but overall the fighting is more satisfying than the PS2 Inuyasha fighter and the later DBZ Tenkaichi games. Seriously, Budokai 3 had a great feel to it, then Tenkaichi happened and it was like…what the fuck, why fix what isn’t broken?! But I digress, this is a Naruto thread and HINATA AND HAKU ARE THE BEST, NO ARGUMENTS!

Haku is badass. It really seems like Mask, Deidara and Minato are in the like, borderline broken tier though.

I’d really like to get good with Gaara or Kisame, but they’re just so damn slow. :shake:

:db: The best

I skipped Generations so, I can’t wait for 3. I like the new gameplay elements they’ve added between this and Generations but, I hope the online is better than 2.

Wondering why sasuke is so high on that tier list? His grab is godlike, but all his other moves and damage seem pretty standard. The only top tier ability I found was susano’o, but I quickly discovered going on offense shuts it down completely. It’s attacks are too slow to start when pressured. (Ironically, the exact opposite of how susanoo should play)

Yeah, pretty sure it’s mostly because of his awakening. Which is weird because it’s not nearly one of the best awakenings in the game.

Minato is borderline broken because of his…


ls the game as shallow as described in the video ?

Video is all wrong. I watched it for about 2 minutes then stopped once I heard the guy saying stupid bullshit about the combo system.

The combo system in this game is simple for the most part, but that’s because it’s a fighter that doesn’t really focus on long combos and locking down your opponent. At least, not in the traditional sense. So, here’s the run down.

The only button used for normals in this game is B. Pressing B in combination with different strokes of the control stick causes different combos of varying damage and style to come out. Teleporting out of hitstun is possible, but you can only do it a limited amount of times before having to wait for it to recharge again (Storm 2 doesn’t show the stamina bar for teleportations, but in Generations there is one to show you how many teleports you have left). Often what happens in this game, is that you’re trying to have more stamina than your opponent does so you can lock them down and keep them from escaping your combos with teleports.

Storm isn’t a competitive-centric fighter because a lot of people consider a lot of the factors in it “game breaking”, such as awakenings, item usage, ect. However, the reality is probably just that no one wants to play a competitive fighter with such limited combo options, or a Naruto fighter to begin with…:bluu:

However, the beauty of this game is that it puts more focus on fun rather than actually “winning”, per se. This is one of the few fighters I can play, lose often in, and still want to play more because of how damn fun and stylish the fights are. Trust me, nothing is funner than watching two advanced Storm players go at it. The fights are CRAZY fast paced and almost every fight is on par with fights that could have actually taken place in the show. Sometimes it even gets to a point where the fights are so fast that its hard for spectators to even realize what’s going on. That’s why I love this game. Fights are crazy action packed, and stylish as FUCK. Hell, even dashing around in a circle is cool looking. And since there is only one button for normals, they have intentionally made it easier for EVERYONE to enjoy themselves and have action packed, high paced and crazy ass fights, while at the same time the advanced players can have even crazier fights as well.

It’s a really good system, honestly. It has a few kinks, like dumb-ass items that no one uses really and one or two broken awakenings, but other than that it really is a solid and fun fighter. I would love to see them work out the bugs and make some changes to the system so that it could actually be considered a competitive fighter.

Doesn’t sound like a game i would like but have fun.

It’s definitely not for everyone.

Someone tell me about UNS2 and UNSG. I’m nostalgic for the GC/Wii games and both of the 360 games are on sale at my gamestop. Tell me about both (and the pros/cons thereof) in excrutiating detail. Someone. Please.

Look at my above post. If you have any other specific questions than just ask lol

Also if you buy let’s play that shit

-Is there a theater/watch fights mode in either?

-Does it take a million years to unlock doods?

-Is UNSG better than UNS2?

-Is UNS2 better than UNSG?

-70 characters is ALOT of characters, damn

-No, but I’m pretty sure the next one coming out in March will have one.

-In Generations, no Just play through story for 40 minutes and skip the cutscenes and you’re done. Also I’m pretty sure you can just put cheats into both of them.

-UNSG is better because there’s WAY more characters AND assist only characters, none of which Storm 2 had. Generations also shows the substitution bar, which is really useful so you don’t have to just guess when you have any teleports left like in Storm 2. However Storm 2 had a WAY better campaign because it let’s you actually play out the anime scenarios, like 3 is doing.

-Not really, no. Unless you care more about the campaign.

-And 3 is gonna have even more.


Fuck, that’s another game on the list for next year. I’m never gonna have any spare cash.

I see that having a UNS2 save file gives you 11 characters in UNSG. CAn you get them without the save file? GameFAQs seems divided on this

I actually had no clue about that :eek: What characters are they? If I have them then yes you can, because I don’t have a Storn 2 save file on here.

basically the gameplay is like to make an entire game out of dragon rush mode from budokai 3 or tacs from marvel. A bunch of auto 50/50’s and guessing which is fun but things like spacing, movement, reactions, and matchup knowledge take a backseat to concepts like option abuse,resource management, and being able to play a good game of rock paper scissors. You even have to implement guessing games and use stagger timing once a hit is landed since just like in earlier doa’s there are no guaranteed combos everything can be substitution jutsu’ed even on hit. You never get rewarded for making smart decisions for this reason because there is no real advantage other than bar which is a pretty free resource to build so again it very difficult to play smart because everyone gets the same reward regardless of their decisions. Top tiers are usually pretty dominant because of awakening abilities because awakening abilities are the only guaranteed rewards in the game. Which is even scrubbier because its the ultra/ xfactor mechanic… the reward you get for getting your ass handed to you. Other wise its pretty fun and looks pretty . From a competetive view though dont expect it to be very stimulating in that respect. Also I liked nuns2 the best cuz of lars thats it they are all pretty much the same its just a matter of what little nuances you like. I will say 2 had a pretty nice campaign though it was kinda like regular fighter story mode with some challenge tower style twists in their all wrapped in a jrpg shell.

The characters they give you are the Genin 12 + their sensei IIRC. Having Storm 1 gives Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Asuma, and Guy right off the bat. Storm 2 gives the Shippuden versions of those characters.