Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes

"In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress, players take a custom party of four Naruto characters through over 100 floors of a castle, experiencing fierce one-on-one battles, exciting mini-games and dramatic story twists in an all-out game of survival. Along the way, players are able to power-up each party member in a new character customization system, equipping abilities and items to gain a decisive edge in battle.

Updating the series trademark fast-paced combat system, players can pull off acrobatic flying attacks, flashy combo strikes and unstoppable jutsu skills with ease. Additionally, players can customize their game experience by choosing to play through the full game with English or the original Japanese voices."

W…t…f. Those assholes removed this mode (as well as Shizune, Kabuto, and Sarutobi) from the first japanese psp Naruto when it came to america and are now planning to sell the removed content it as an entirely new game, instead of giving us some new shit?! Man, this is some bullshit. Give us some friggin’ Accel games for psp!

From what I’ve read about the game it adds most of the things from the JPN version (but supposedly leaves out a character or two). But, they are adding some new things in this game as well. Like there has been pictures of Naruto doing clone attacks that he doesn’t have in the JPN version.

Still, this is some shady shit. Makes me glad I never have to pay money for psp games.

:rofl: The irony.

:rofl: Quiet, you. :rofl: You can never have too much irony in your diet…or is that “iron”…?