Naruto CoN:Revolution

Sounds good but if it has some things broken like EX then I won’t be feeling it.
The video shows some sweet stuff like parrying, cancels still in, knocking people to a another part of the village.

It’s a naruto fighting game and you’re hoping it’s not broken.

Are you one of those people that prays to god for winning lotto numbers?

Noo Noo! I meant not as broken as EX.

What he said still stands.

Is this Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 with Wii controls? That should say right there if the game is broken or not (last time I checked, Kankuro and Haku were top tier).

looks like a mix of 3 and 4
if OTK naruto appears (which he probably is going to)
you already know whats up.

OTK didnt show up until GNT4. This looks more like GNT3 since they have to follow the whole timeline and not get ahead of themselves, but i guess we wont really know until it comes out.

Either way, it cant be WORSE than EX…