Naruto Avatar GIf Request

If anyone has the time to make me an Avatar GIF…would appreciate it…okay with these GIFS

and if you can fit text in white"Cez TS" in there…
and with this background…thx

I’ll give it a shot.

Blah, it didn’t turn out very good. I had to change the BG to gray to save space. I can probably fit some more frames of animation, if you want. Just respond if you want anything changed (font, frames, speed, etc.)

wow:eek: …i gotta say=top tier…thx man…i like it the way it is…original…heh…but what else can you change??..thx again…

I can add some more frames, and I can change the text and speed of the animation, if you want.

umm yeah maybe my name in the avatar moving right to left then back repeat…or if you can adding one of these GIF’s for the background



or like have one background
start up then have that fade into another one…i prefer the 6th and 7th gif for that…lol i know I’m asking too much but if you can’t thx again…

You gotta tell me where you’re getting these.

Especially those cute little guys.

runs off with Sakura


nice stuff cesar,i love naruto, yeah where did you get those small sprites that move there awsome.:cool:

umm if you still can ytwojay or if you still have interest in doing this if you can add these gifs to the avatar you made me if thats cool…thx

and maybe this one on the top right if you can fit…

Sure, I’ll try to get to it tonight.

thx “^-^”

. . . GBA game? Maybe? No idea.

not from the gba game(too small)

< from gba game