Naruto ANBU Member Avatar Request

So I’m late in the game in naruto, I think this anime is long, drawn out, stupid, and childish.

but I need it.


So I got to thinking, those ANBU guys look pretty kickass, and a avatar would be great, I would make it myself, but I have no idea where to find naruto art, and I’d like to see someone elses take on it.

The people that know me know I’m not like the typical IMM av trolls that sport it for a day and ask for a new one.

Of course, if it sucks anus I won’t wear it (but it probably won’t). Something with a slight movement in it (like wind effect or something) would be cool, but not needed.

My name doesn’t have to be in it, up to you.

I want to try this let me get some pics real quick . . . . .

Ok did a real quick look around, and as I suspected the Naruto fans of the worl basically overload it with fan drawings of Kakashi,Naruto, or Sasuke as an ANBU member. . . .All I could find where some screenshiots of random ANBU guys otherwise. . .but here’s three I found that looked good:

Ah, I was really wanting the mask on, full ANBU gear. Thanks for trying to hunt some images down though. I’ll do some searching myself when I get home. Maybe a really high quality screen cap…

I love the ANBU in full cowl to.

EDIT: Oh and as far as fanboys go, making a young kakashi ANBU is cannon, he was a ANBU captain

I know. . . .it was just a general term since I found some many fan drwaings of him . . .


might want to reupload those to imageshack or something. The site doesnt allow hotlinking.

gah, it’s hard to find a good one! that last one would be great but not wearing the mask and it’s naruto.

This is a lot harder than I thought, thanks for trying to help me though

Maybe I’ll just have to let the idea go :frowning:

Actually dawg I think that Yondaime as a teen. . .since he’s missing that whisker shit Naruot has

Oh yeah my bad, I didn’t look to good at it I was just depressed the mask was off haha

What you said is so very true but I love it I hate it i need for now anyway I will try to get some pics up later peace.

thats the only good one i could find on adeviantart that wasnt yaoi or watermarked

never fear SIMPLY_HUGO is here!!! i tried to find some top tier shit…but sadly i got mid tier

scroll down on this one…good shot of their mask^^^

i’ve always wondered why everyone loves ANBU so much, all i’ve ever seen was them getting killed like hot cakes, that being said itachi anbu?

The reason you see ANBU members getting owned all the time is because they only deal with the big shit.

To be ANBU you need to be at least low-mid or mid Jounin, the thing is, they always face threats higher than their rank.

I just like the design.

so all my pictures fail?