NAOMI GD Rom help

im very sorry if this was the wrong place or thing to post. i searched and didnt find any answer to my question,so i made this thread.
i recently became the owner of a CVS2 cabinet,but theres a problem…the GD rom/disk reader burned out. from asking around, i found out that they dont make them anymore? i dont know if thats true, but ive been told the only way to fix it is to send it off to get it refurbished,:tdown: but if that IS in fact the case, does anyone know where i should send it to? or where i could possibly get a new one? or new parts,or whatever i may have to do to fix it. ive been tryin to figure it out for MONTHs now,honestly at this point im lost. ANY help and/or pointers are GREATLY appreciated,:pray:


how do you know its the GD drive, and not the DIMM Board? what kind of errors are you getting?

This place sells naomi parts:

If the decoder board is still working you can get a new laser assembly from Sega Shed, otherwise you’ll probably have to replace the whole drive.

Drives used to show up on ebay regularly but I haven’t looked for them in awhile.

because the game doesnt load anymore, i used a GD rom driver from a confidential mission cabinet and it worked, so its gotta be something with the drive. im not sure what specifically, but its the drive.

thanks for all you guys’ advice, ill get to looking,:slight_smile: